Saturday, 15 April 2017


Ha ha that rhymes.

My obsession with planners and journalling began during my ninth grade when I came across this book called ‘Get Organised without Losing It’ by Janet S. Fox. It was like a bible (or Bhagavad-Gita you can say) to the little me who wanted to be organised and practical. It is an amazing book that I would recommend to any parent who has a child of 10-12 years of age. (Or a high-schooler. Anything works)
In the book, she gives tips to become organised in your school life so that you don’t miss anything and form a habit of completing tasks. She talks about using planners which will help you to (duh) plan your day, week and month and maybe an entire year.
That was it. I was completely obsessed with planners and searched every shop I could, for a planner that would suit me. The planner that I had in mind. But, sad to say that there is no such thing here. There are diaries, heavy heavy diaries with no weekly layouts but daily pages which are too short to journal or plan.
So I took to searching planner templates online so that I could print them out and use them. It was good for some time but then, the problem was that all my schedules would always be postponed or cancelled. Gahhhh. Even if I tried my best to be organised, the situation was always getting out of hand. I realised people are not organised here. They don’t even know the meaning of organisation. Well, who can blame them?

Anyway, I don’t want to whine and complain, so I was still coursing through diaries and planner templates (for years, actually) when I came across the concept of Bullet Journalling.
It is a system created by Ryder Carroll, who actually used it to keep himself organised because he suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder. He invented this system through trial and error and then shared it with his friends who told him to share it with a world.

Thank you, Ryder for bringing this system out in to the world.

I was like – this is it. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

The name Bullet Journal comes from the fact that you write down all your tasks in the form of bullet points and also the fact that you can use it for anything.

I am so very late in talking about this system, because there are thousands of people who took this system and made it their own. There are hundreds of blogs and thousands of videos which show the creativity of the people using the Bullet Journal.

But since the concept of Journaling itself is very rarely heard here, I thought I can take this opportunity to talk about it.
First and foremost, journaling is different from writing a diary. You evaluate yourself when you journal and don’t just write down events that happened like in a diary. Journaling has been proven to be an effective way to control your thoughts, to calm you down and to bring your life into perspective.
And a bullet journal is a compilation of all of the above – a planner, to-do list, a journal, anything. This is what caught my attention. All you need is a book and a pen. And you can start your own bullet journal. You can just go here, to the official website to check out all the information you need about what you can do.

Credits to Kim @

The Bullet Journal system also stresses upon the fact of writing everything out. And this is also another major thing which kept me hooked. Instead of using a planned, rigid layout, I can write or draw or do whatever template I want. If I don’t like it, I can change it. If I don’t like anything I can just turn the page and start fresh. It has also been shown that writing down things on paper can make all the difference in the world. (I don’t know how, but it must be magic)
At the end of the day, having a bullet journal helps me keep track of what I need to do and when I need to do it. Although I am lazy and forget to open my journal from time to time, I do get back and turn the page to start anew. Because it’s mine and I can do it however I ca – Welll that is what I thought but….

Recently I realised that I wasn’t using my journal effectively. I did some thinking and I came to the conclusion that I was hesitant to journal my thoughts because the pages would fill and I would have to start another journal. (What the hell - rofl) I know, I know, call me stupid. And another thing was that I was overwhelmed by all the beautiful journals out there with all the colours and paintings and perfect trackers and letterings, and I went crazy and overdid my pages which resulted in me not using them at all. My current BuJo is half-filled with blank spaces everywhere. And I’m angry at myself for this.
I’ve also realised that my journal should keep me productive and not keep me busy with the journal itself. And so, I want it to be simple and effective. Although colours and letterings are amazing, right now I don’t have time for them. If I need to get creative, I can just paint or colour a colouring book.

Oops! I was just having a talk with myself! Lol.

Anyhoo, that was about my Journey with journals.

I love books and stationary (who doesn’t? and yeah, I prefer the term intellectual badass rather than “nerd”) and bullet journaling is an outlet for my creativity and keeps me productive.

Hope you had a productive happiee day.

Stay healthy, Stay Happiee.

Lots of Love,

Vivacious Inspirit.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Life Lessons


It's been long!
I know, I know I say I will post frequently and I always do this.

The past month has been a hard one.

I have been having many ups and downs and what not. I mean, what's new huh?

So, I wanted to talk about lessons.....

There are certain lessons life teaches you again and again and again. It just doesn't back down until these lessons are ingrained into your bones. Life's like that, you know. Doesn't back down and does not give two shits.

So here they are -

1.) Punctuality -
This one has slapped me in the face - I don't know how many times! And it's still at it.
Being on time is something I have been learning the hard way. I know it is such an important thing. I know what it is like to keep people waiting, because I have been there too.
But, sometimes shit happens and I do get late. I try my best but..... and that is when it stings. A voice inside starts its daily dose of criticism, saying - aha! you've done it again. You are late! meh. you are worthless....
Stupid critic. Shut up okay.

2.) Time Management -
Oh god! Where do I even start with this?! I know that this and punctuality are related, big time, but do you know how hard it is to manage time? Do not give me those stupid quotes telling - " Everyone has 24 hours, it depends on how you use it...blah blah blah.."
Well, Mr./Ms. expert-at-time-management, come here so I can shove something down your mouth.
Managing time is hard when you have to do everything yourself. Ahuh. It's easy when you work and come back to an empty room and feel tired and sleep it off.
But when you're a student and you need to study and wash your clothes and keep your health in check, it is hard!
Yup, that line fits my current dilemma perfectly.
Oh, also let me add - PEST MANAGEMENT. Stupid ants everywhere, destroying the only eatables
 you have.

3.) Cleanliness -
LOL. I never thought I would be saying this! But cleanliness! I am grateful for my mom every single day. She is perfect when it comes to cleaning. I think all mothers are bent on cleanliness. But, now that I am away from home, I know how important it is to keep your environment clean. I took it for granted when mom would do everything to keep our house clean. Now, I understand how much that helped me!
Anyway, this is another lesson life is clearly whipping at me.

4.) You have no one but yourself -
Or maybe loneliness or a wave of sadness hitting you time and again.
That's it.
I don't know why, maybe its just me who is concentrating on this and I don't know whether it's a positive or a negative thing either, I don't even know how to take it but for a while I've been feeling this - People just don't care. They don't give two shits about anyone.
But if I think so, then I ask myself, what about me? Am I being out there for anyone? Is anyone there who is waiting for my words? My words which will soothe them...
meh, I don't know.
Let me just say it out loud and clear. I have been and will be feeling lonely, for a loong time. And life is teaching me that I need to become independent and trust myself much much more. Be my own best friend first, understand myself.
Before, I was very proud because when left to myself, I did things by my own pace and did not whine about being lonely.
Look at me now, exactly the opposite. *tch*
Maybe it's the distance or the gut instinct in me telling that - nobody cares
Yeah, they don't.
I should not beat myself about it. *hits own cheeks*

I will come out stronger and wiser.
No Turning Back.

That is all for now, I guess...

Thank you so much.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Lots of love,

Vivacious Inspirit.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Book Review: AVENGER.

Avenger - To inflict punishment or penalty in return for; to take vengeance on behalf of.


How are you today??
Good? Happy? Feeling positive?

Then, go drink some positivityyy.....Kidding, please read this post till the end.

Sooo, I am here today to give a book review! *self-applauds*
Yes, yes thank you!
If you know me, you surely must know that I love books. They are my Bae. My friends are always on stand-by whenever we are near a book store. They are ready to pull me away because I will not leave that spot and stop staring at the books. (Which is not wrong but I’ll be wasting their time too)
It is my dream to have my own library.

Anyway, the book I am reviewing is called “Avenger” by Frederick Forsyth.
It is not in any way related to the Avengers movie, so get that thought out of your head. It is infinite times better than that.
(Also, I really really wanted this book to be the first one I review in my book-review list.)

*sigh* where do I even start? This is one of my favourite books. I love this book. The plot, the story line, the plan, the revenge…..oh my god. AND it all comes together so beautifully. This brilliant writer leaves no strings apart and weaves the story in such an awesome way!

“A kind-hearted aid worker is killed in Bosnia, by a Serbian warlord. And his grandfather is a Canadian tycoon who has (obviously) the money to afford the best revenge.
So, he looks for help and finds out that it is not as easy as he thought. And he sends an ad for hiring the ‘avenger’, to get his job done.
The story follows how this ‘avenger’ named Cal, draws a net around the warlord.
Will he be successful in his worldwide hunt?”

This is the brief version, similar to the plot they have explained at the back of the book. But, the thing is that each character has a background story which is explained in great detail. And it is necessary, for the story to come together. You have to plough on through the detailed explanation, because it so worth it.

I cannot believe that this book has only a 3.8 stars on goodreads.
The people who gave less than 4 stars are probably idiots who didn’t understand the story at all, or maybe they didn’t notice the subtle hints and the giant plot twist at the end.

This book is one of the best books I have ever read in the ‘Political Thriller’ genre.
I definitely don’t want to spoil it for you, but please, you have to read this book.

The heart breaking part is that, two men, who went through the same difficulties together, end up having completely different lives. It is that difference which made me break down, when I realised it. (Don’t worry, this will not spoil your read because it is something I came up with, putting the pieces together, and it is nowhere written in the book. It’s kind of like an indirect message given by the writer)
Until the Epilogue, there is a suspense. The Epilogue is the epitome of the entire story. Don’t read the epilogue just because you got tired of the story. It is worth the read. Please, guys definitely read this book.

Okayyy…so that was my review. It is hard to give a spoiler-free review, especially in a suspense novel. But I tried my best. I hope you guys read it and those who do read it, please let me know what you thought and maybe we can discuss it together??? *grins wide*


Vivacious Inspirit.

P.S - I know! I know it's been long since I did not post! February just flew by like a bullet train! And I'm just standing here like.... 😲😲😲😲

Saturday, 21 January 2017

My Answer


It's been two weeks!
I gave everything I had for my exams (I could've given more, but, no regrets!) and am really enjoying my short holidays.
I caught up on some Korean Drama which was on rage in the past few days. I was completely immersed... Hmm...
Anyway, a well-deserved rest for the coming semester.

Coming back to my post, this one is where I give you My Answer.
A very long answer with the hows and whys and everything.

From the past three years, I have been asked this question relentlessly. By everyone. Including my parents, brother and my friends and relatives, literally everyone. (Even yesterday.)

"WHY? Why do you listen to 'this' Korean songs? Why do you watch these dramas?"

First of all, let me thank you for trying so hard to understand. Thank you, thank you for your concern.

Secondly, I feel sorry for those who won't ever understand this feeling.

During my graduate course, I was at a point where I was just blank. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I had no interest in anything. I was just passing the days blandly and desperately praying for inspiration.
That's it.
Inspiration. Something to motivate me, to move me so that the fire in my heart will re-ignite and never stop burning.
I would pray everyday, literally ask Him for inspiration.

And that was it. I guess He answered my prayers.

(Have you ever had a role model? Somebody whom you look up to? Somebody whom you admire. Somebody you aspire to become. Not their profession, their looks or riches but the person themselves.
I think everybody should have one. It's good to have role models and to be inspired by them.)

Now as to why only them, because they are different. Because they are themselves. Everywhere.

I'll take the example of my favourite group, the members of Infinite who are always honest. They are humble and hilarious. They are not two-faced. They are not fake. AND they sing for the sake of singing. Like Lilly Singh says, 'money is a part of what I do. I don't do videos just to make money.', they don't sing for the sake of making money or becoming famous. They do it because they love to sing. It is clearly evident in their songs.
And they don't use their songs for lashing out at other people, or throw out their frustrations and anger and their emotions.
They sing them to spread music to their fans, to sing along with us and in hope that it will inspire us when we are sad or troubled in our lives. (And heck! it works!)
They don't lip-sync during broadcasts. They sing and dance.
And they are so loyal to themselves and to their fans. They take the time to learn the language of the country they go to, to have a concert. Not just few sentences, they learn the famous songs and sing it for the fans there. They try so hard to connect, despite the language barrier.

I've heard of artists who don't even give a damn when a fan meets them, tries hard to express their love for the artist's work. They just leave them hanging. Not even a 'thanks'.

Compared to them, (I know comparing is wrong, but still, in this case it is relevant) Infinite is so much more honest. And that is why I love them.
I'm sure that one day, when we meet, they will happily smile and talk to me like a friend.

The same goes for all other k-pop groups I love.
There are so many people among them who are around my age, who have already achieved something in their lives, who are working hard so much more than me and watching them, listening to them, inspires me to do my best.

And the Dramas are not dragged for years and years. They don't have the saas-bahu bullshit or the stupidity where everybody's faces are zoomed in for every dialogue said. They don't have 'Seasons'. They have only a maximum of 20 episodes. Most dramas are of 16 episodes, each episode is of an hour length.
And the story moves fast. They don't take a whole month to open the door. (lol)
The acting is flawless and on point. And it will leave you refreshed and energized. (who am I kidding, it will break your heart and you will have withdrawal symptoms for days. lol)
But, some dramas do leave you feeling positive and happy!

So yeah, I love them for their personality and hard working nature. And their humbleness even though they are famous.

And of course, they are handsome, sexy as hell and swoon worthy. *rofl*
*sighs with a dreamy smile*

So that's my answer.

If I remember anything else, I will add it to the post. :P

Thank you so much.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


Vivacious Inspirit.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

And That's a Wrap!


It has been so long. Soooo long. I know! I messed up my schedule and fell into a downward spiral of utter laziness.

BUT, this won't happen again. I know I keep saying this in my previous posts too, but not this time. Even if it is a small post, I will update it! *Fighting* (This is a Korean way of saying "Do your best", along with clenching your fists *does the action*. It doesn't mean, to literally fight. haha.)

Anyway, it's 2017! A New Year! Another blank 365 days. What will you fill it with?

I still remember my "resolution" for 2016. I couldn't keep that on New Years' Eve itself. So that was that. (please excuse me as I laugh my heart out) And also it was a momentary decision made out of stupidity.

Resolutions have become flaky. People just throw that word around and try their best to follow it.........for about a week. Then, it is back to the usual repetition of the same (boring) lifestyle.

I watch a lot of videos - Robin Sharma's mastery sessions, Ted Ex talks, motivational speeches etc. etc. So, what I've heard is that, instead of "resolutions", now, all creative, driven, hard working people set "goals" for throughout the year; one that they are bound to follow and accomplish.
They sit at the end of the year and analyse what they have accomplished the whole year, what time and money they have wasted/utilized and in what ways they have changed compared to the previous year.
They make time for this and evaluate themselves.
Then, they set goals for the new year. And they chalk down steps to be taken towards that goal.

I am currently doing that.
Last year, around late July, I came across this concept of a 'Bullet Journal'. (You have no idea how crazy I was about planners and stickers and stationary. I have literally tried printing planners and broken my head over watching planner videos. So, obviously seeing my plight, YouTube recommended a 'bullet journal' video. lol)

To make it simple for you, you can make your own bullet journal. All you need is a book and a pen. You just need to write down everything. It will be a blank book of course (DUH!), and you will fill it with calendars - monthly, yearly; and then the date and day - and all tasks you need to finish that day.

You can click here if you want to know more about the whole process.

I will definitely talk more about Bullet Journal in another post, so as I was saying, I took time to really analyse what I did the whole year in 2016 and what lessons I have learnt and whether I have become a little more aware of myself than before. (I wrote them all down in my bullet journal.)

Oh, I learnt a lot. A lot. I graduated and joined MSc. (That was the first half of 2016. All flowery and filled with laziness.)
I moved out of my lovely home for pursuing MSc.
I faced a lot of hardships in Mysuru.
I made wonderful friends and I understood the importance of my family and old friends.
I missed my old college days like hell.
I felt like running away from Mysuru! to throw away everything and come home straight.(It would have been easy because the train station is pretty close to my college. hahaha) But, even that takes courage. A whole lot at that.
I had many days where I cried myself to sleep; days where I wanted to scream until my voice broke.
I had days where I had so much fun laughing that I completely forgot what I was doing.

So, when I thought about it all, I realised I have overcome all of them.
And therefore I think I can overcome whatever is in store for me.

I had spent the past months regretting my decisions. But, a few days back my friend said, "No Turning Back." What's done is done. You can either stop whining over it and focus on your future or you can stay stagnant. The choice is yours.
No turning back. No turning back. - was what I wanted to hear. You have no idea how much these three words mean to me. They have become my mantra. They've given me closure. (Thank you so much for saying these words to me. I am forever grateful!!)

So, I hope that you all too, will take some time to sit down and think about what you really want. You can do whatever you set your mind on! It does not matter what age you are, or where you are; if you have a goal in mind, you can accomplish it. Only if you make a firm decision.

And who says planning is a waste of time. If you plan with the intention of doing it, then you will definitely follow your plan. "Plan your work and then Work your plan." HOLDS TRUE. Being organised is definitely worth it.

I hope you all had a great start to the New Year.
Please look forward to the posts in this blog. And Thank you, Thank you so much! for supporting me and reading my posts and waiting for them so patiently.
I am truly grateful.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


Vivacious Inspirit.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Hard Hats.


How are you today?
How was your Sun Day? You probably were pulled along for some stupid function of some far relative whose name you don't even know, right? *laughs*
No. I seriously understand that. The plight of having a huge number of relatives which results in no-free-sundays.

Anyway, I've wanted to talk about this for a long long time and now that I'm here in Mysuru, I think it's time.
The traffic police here are super strict. Or they can't wait to stuff their pockets with money. (I think it is the latter) But they do seriously keep a check on two-wheeler riders wearing...a helmet.

Yup, yup. That's what I want to talk about.


A rider's headache and a pillion rider's frustration.

Here, in Karnataka (I think! Sorry for being poor in current affairs. On a completely different note, Pakistani soldiers have burnt schools in Kashmir. Stupids.) the traffic police have passed a law that even pillion riders should compulsorily wear a helmet.

And I can hear almost everyone grumbling,

"Great! Now, I have to spend more money for a helmet"

"Crap! My hairstyle will get wrecked"

"This stupid helmet is too heavy"

"One helmet itself is a burden and now two?!"

I am sorry to say, but all I have heard is negative comments about this. And please allow me to say this:
YOU. BIG. FOOL. You must've never heard of the proverb "Prevention is better than cure."

You must've NEVER been in an accident or an incident where you almost died/came across death (yours or maybe a witness to somebody else's)
You must be pretty CONFIDENT that NOTHING will happen to you when you ride without a helmet.

Enjoying the wind on your cheeks, while the dust and pollution go up your nose and in your eyes *wow* *claps*

First, let me humbly ask you: who do you think you are? God? Zeus? A super human? Do you have special powers that allow you to see the future?
Oh, then maybe you can also see me slapping the heck out of you. (just kidding)
so you can see everything in the future and avoid death by 'terrible accident' huh?
I say

I mean, as if we all know what will happen tomorrow.
Believe me when I say, you will never know what will happen tomorrow. One small thing will change your entire life.

I never believed this before - I thought it was all crap and had an attitude like I knew that everything would go on smoothly like everyday.
But, life just randomly throws a ball and you get knocked out.

I'm not saying that bad things will happen. *jinx jinx*
Of course I don't want that to happen to anyone, BUT WHAT IS WRONG IN BEING CAUTIOUS?

Take a weighing machine and on one side, let me put your life and on the other a helmet. So you all say lame comments because of a stupid helmet?? Your life is only of that much worth to you??

Maybe, maybe, you are the MOST careful rider in the whole wide world. But, can you say the same about the rest of them? And especially in Bengaluru? The lorry drivers don't give a damn what happens to anyone (they have their own frustrations and they show it beautifully in their driving)
Fate man. Deal with it. Can you say the same thing about your loved ones?

I'm not scaring you. Gahhhh! How do I put this?

AND have you seen the helmets these days? Oh. My. God. NO! they are not helmets. They are tortoise shells with straps attached. They are like the fancier (or the uglier) version of a birthday hat. WHAT PROTECTION DOES IT OFFER? So your scalp is fine, but your neck is broken. Wow. Genius. *claps* #Youstupid.

And ladies, don't even get me started. I totally understand the hair problems we face because of helmets but tell me, do you think your boyfriend will even LOOK at your perfect hair, if you have a broken hand or leg?
You wanted to impress him or the guy you like (oooo crushh...lucky you, I'm just swatting flies here) BUT you ended up hurting him (I mean hurting him by getting hurt yourself. Or not. who knows. )
Anyway, there are larger washrooms with mirrors in your workplace or colleges I'm sure, where you can go and redo your hair.

I just wanted to word my concern.
That's it.
I really hope you take it in the right way. And of course I'm not forcing my opinions on you. I'm wording them out. (rather strongly and sarcastically of course, but some people won't even understand what hit them in the face. Even if it's a direct sarcastic hit. *lol*)

Please think about it positively rather than the negative aspect.
The positives outweigh. [they have to, if you value your life.]

I don't want to hear deaths caused by not wearing helmets. There are deaths even though the rider was wearing a helmet. Hah. *sad*

that was my little rant about helmets.
hear ye, hear ho.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

I'm finally getting settled in my PG. It's been a month. It has been fun.
I've found my twin. *muhahahaha* *kidding* *jinx*

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,

Lots of Love,

Yours truly,

Vivacious Inspirit.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Let's talk! (Post 1)

I'm backkk.....*cough* *cough* (with a fever)
YEAS to me.....
LOL.....As if!
The day you come out of your invisibility cloak and honestly tell me your feelings when you read my posts then, I'll reply to your texts on Whatsapp....
It's fair I think?
I mean, how will I know who's reading my posts ....when I don't get a single response..  and some of my friends expect me to be on the tip of my fingers when they send a random message....

I'm kidding,I'm kidding...I've learnt that pressurising people will never work take your own time...and I'll go on in my own pace.

Okay...sooo let's talk!

As you already know that my posting of blogs is very dependent on my mood,today I just want to talk... About random things going on in my life ...(feel free to butt in and tell me about your lives too)

1) Recently, I'm obsessed with poetry... like really really obsessed. I've always loved my language  classes and there's something beautiful about poetry..... it's words. I know. But sometimes, words have a special impact.
This craziness started suddenly when I was actually searching for this book 'Love Letters of Great Men' which (as many of you know)  comes in the movie 'Sex and the City'. I got to know that it's a fictitious book! (WTH! Mind boggled). So I was like, I'll make my own collections of poems about love. So that's what I doing. Hehehe

2) I'm not asking for your pity or sympathy. I'm not doing this so I'll get loads of texts telling me to "take care". I am taking care!
I don't know the source but I'm sick again. I was sick last week and then, I'm sick now. I seriously want to put my hands inside and massage my throat into getting well. (As gross as that sounds) Oi, you small tonsils!! Get better!

3) I miss home. I miss home so much. I'm here but still, I miss home. My friend is currently pursuing her medical degree in Chitradurga, and when I met her, she said that she hated looking at the windmills which line the city. It reminds her that she's away from home and she feels lonely looking at that.....
But for me, I love looking at the luscious green fields .....My train journey to Mysuru is beautiful. It's the later part that makes me dislike it.
The weather - I thought that Mysuru had a good weather...but no. It doesn't. No way. It's like a hot air oven. It is so hot! And let me tell you that I strongly dislike the heat. I've always loved the cold. (But I can't choose between fire and ice. Both are such good elements for a super power 😝). One minute outside in that weather gets me sweating like I've just come out of a swimming pool. This is the reason I feel like napping in the afternoon. And also the reason why I don't have time. *sings* I blame thee sunny weather...
BUT, here's the flipside. The night gets foggy too. It's like two extremes! My clothes don't get dry if I wash them in the evening. If I wash them in the morning, they'll be burning by afternoon.
So it's like - wear the wet clothes or the burning ones. *sighs a long sigh*
(I should probably name this post as 'my PG life' 😅)

4) As I was coming home, this thought occurred to me. I feel like I've been beaten black and blue. By what? I have no idea. Maybe god, or nature, or the curses of my friends, or maybe even the devil.
I bumped my head hard the other day..and now I can't comb my hairs, and even my neck hurts.
I've joined a yoga class and that fricking instructor wanted us to do everything, on the first day. We've joined another branch ,but anyway, I blame that bastard for my knee pains. I really have a black mark on my knee. And it hurts. *mommy* 😩 (I'll kill him someday).
I seriously have no idea HOW, but I've got cuts on my hands.... If I was a sugar patient, I would be limb less by no time 😂 *jinx jinx*
My toes hurt... I dont know what I bumped into (yes.. I bump my toes to things.. And completely forget about it and then later suffer with the pain... Bwahahahaha) 
And add to this my fever...  What a great combination. 
So yeah... Life has physically beaten me black and blue in the boxing ring and so here I am, recovering from it.. 
The next round will start in a few days and I should be ready again, right? 

(well another lesson I should learn is that I need to take care of myself!) 

And that's that. 
Please jump in and let me know what's going on in your life as well... 
And has some of these things happened to you before? Is it happening now? 
For me it's like life always send me the lessons until it's imprinted in my brain. So what about you? 
What has life been teaching you? 
Let me know.... 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.. 

Stay healthy, Stay Happieeeeee. 

Lots of love,