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It is such a hectic time for me right now, with all the records and assignments! But, I've been watching Robin Sharma and reading his blog, and of course Lilly aka Superwoman, getting some inspiration... So here I am!
I've made a decision to myself that I will try to blog whenever I can.

This post is gonna be about punctuality. Being on Time.
Time and Tide waits for none.
As the proverb says, it really doesn't. And I learned this the hard way.
You see, I was always late for my classes last year. The first hour.. Even though I had a bike! always, always five minutes, six or ten minutes late.
This went to such an extent that at one point, my teacher told me not to enter the class. Even though I was just five minutes late for an early morning class (just five minutes I thought) , she strictly told me not to enter and I missed a whole hour.
And it was the semester end. Added to this, another incident happened.
I was early once and since the teacher had not arrived yet,…