Yeahhh, I know I said I would blog whenever I can and here I am!
So today I'm going to talk about judging people.

Do you know when that moment when we see a person, a stranger and we just observe them.... For a while....?? ( yes,mostly when we are jobless) And we tend to make split second decisions about them by seeing their behavior??
Yes. That. We have to stop doing that.

I was at a petrol bunk once. Waiting to air the tyres... And before me was a person, maybe 30 years or more?? I don't know since he was wearing a helmet. Anyway,we're waiting and he went before me...
And told the person to change the air pressure..
You know there's a definite air pressure for the front and back wheels of a bike and its mostly 28 and 32...
He asked him to change the pressure.
There was a long line behind us and I wanted to reach home early... So I was kind of mad that he asked to change the pressure.
I thought, 'wow,this man is so rude! Can't he see the line behind? He should just get his tyres aired and move! What's with him, asking to change the pressures?! As if he knows better than the air-wala...'

(This may sound simple and silly but just imagine waiting,when you're in a hurry!! It happens at such situations)

But then,afterwards,he paid the man and went about his business....
It was literally like someone slapped me in the face!!!
I thought rude things about this man,but he had the courtesy, the humbleness to pay since he asked for a change .
I've never seen anybody else do that! Tipping the person for that....

It really struck a cord inside and that day I decided NOT to just jump into conclusions about anybody ,before knowing them truly ...

Yes,so that's that.

Lots of love,
Stay Healthy,Stay Happy.

I have mountains of record to complete...😥😥


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