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Yeahhh, I know I said I would blog whenever I can and here I am!
So today I'm going to talk about judging people.Do you know when that moment when we see a person, a stranger and we just observe them.... For a while....?? ( yes,mostly when we are jobless) And we tend to make split second decisions about them by seeing their behavior??
Yes. That. We have to stop doing that.
I was at a petrol bunk once. Waiting to air the tyres... And before me was a person, maybe 30 years or more?? I don't know since he was wearing a helmet. Anyway,we're waiting and he went before me...
And told the person to change the air pressure..
You know there's a definite air pressure for the front and back wheels of a bike and its mostly 28 and 32...
He asked him to change the pressure.
There was a long line behind us and I wanted to reach home early... So I was kind of mad that he asked to change the pressure.
I thought, 'wow,this man is so rude! Can't he see the line behind? H…