Hard Hats.


How are you today?
How was your Sun Day? You probably were pulled along for some stupid function of some far relative whose name you don't even know, right? *laughs*
No. I seriously understand that. The plight of having a huge number of relatives which results in no-free-sundays.

Anyway, I've wanted to talk about this for a long long time and now that I'm here in Mysuru, I think it's time.
The traffic police here are super strict. Or they can't wait to stuff their pockets with money. (I think it is the latter) But they do seriously keep a check on two-wheeler riders wearing...a helmet.

Yup, yup. That's what I want to talk about.


A rider's headache and a pillion rider's frustration.

Here, in Karnataka (I think! Sorry for being poor in current affairs. On a completely different note, Pakistani soldiers have burnt schools in Kashmir. Stupids.) the traffic police have passed a law that even pillion riders should compulsorily wear a helmet.

And I can hear almost everyone grumbling,

"Great! Now, I have to spend more money for a helmet"

"Crap! My hairstyle will get wrecked"

"This stupid helmet is too heavy"

"One helmet itself is a burden and now two?!"

I am sorry to say, but all I have heard is negative comments about this. And please allow me to say this:
YOU. BIG. FOOL. You must've never heard of the proverb "Prevention is better than cure."

You must've NEVER been in an accident or an incident where you almost died/came across death (yours or maybe a witness to somebody else's)
You must be pretty CONFIDENT that NOTHING will happen to you when you ride without a helmet.

Enjoying the wind on your cheeks, while the dust and pollution go up your nose and in your eyes *wow* *claps*

First, let me humbly ask you: who do you think you are? God? Zeus? A super human? Do you have special powers that allow you to see the future?
Oh, then maybe you can also see me slapping the heck out of you. (just kidding)
so you can see everything in the future and avoid death by 'terrible accident' huh?
I say

I mean, as if we all know what will happen tomorrow.
Believe me when I say, you will never know what will happen tomorrow. One small thing will change your entire life.

I never believed this before - I thought it was all crap and had an attitude like I knew that everything would go on smoothly like everyday.
But, life just randomly throws a ball and you get knocked out.

I'm not saying that bad things will happen. *jinx jinx*
Of course I don't want that to happen to anyone, BUT WHAT IS WRONG IN BEING CAUTIOUS?

Take a weighing machine and on one side, let me put your life and on the other a helmet. So you all say lame comments because of a stupid helmet?? Your life is only of that much worth to you??

Maybe, maybe, you are the MOST careful rider in the whole wide world. But, can you say the same about the rest of them? And especially in Bengaluru? The lorry drivers don't give a damn what happens to anyone (they have their own frustrations and they show it beautifully in their driving)
Fate man. Deal with it. Can you say the same thing about your loved ones?

I'm not scaring you. Gahhhh! How do I put this?

AND have you seen the helmets these days? Oh. My. God. NO! they are not helmets. They are tortoise shells with straps attached. They are like the fancier (or the uglier) version of a birthday hat. WHAT PROTECTION DOES IT OFFER? So your scalp is fine, but your neck is broken. Wow. Genius. *claps* #Youstupid.

And ladies, don't even get me started. I totally understand the hair problems we face because of helmets but tell me, do you think your boyfriend will even LOOK at your perfect hair, if you have a broken hand or leg?
You wanted to impress him or the guy you like (oooo crushh...lucky you, I'm just swatting flies here) BUT you ended up hurting him (I mean hurting him by getting hurt yourself. Or not. who knows. )
Anyway, there are larger washrooms with mirrors in your workplace or colleges I'm sure, where you can go and redo your hair.

I just wanted to word my concern.
That's it.
I really hope you take it in the right way. And of course I'm not forcing my opinions on you. I'm wording them out. (rather strongly and sarcastically of course, but some people won't even understand what hit them in the face. Even if it's a direct sarcastic hit. *lol*)

Please think about it positively rather than the negative aspect.
The positives outweigh. [they have to, if you value your life.]

I don't want to hear deaths caused by not wearing helmets. There are deaths even though the rider was wearing a helmet. Hah. *sad*

that was my little rant about helmets.
hear ye, hear ho.

Hope you enjoyed reading it.

I'm finally getting settled in my PG. It's been a month. It has been fun.
I've found my twin. *muhahahaha* *kidding* *jinx*

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy,

Lots of Love,

Yours truly,

Vivacious Inspirit.

Let's talk! (Post 1)

I'm backkk.....*cough* *cough* (with a fever)
YEAS people....talk to me.....
LOL.....As if!
The day you come out of your invisibility cloak and honestly tell me your feelings when you read my posts then, I'll reply to your texts on Whatsapp....
It's fair I think?
I mean, how will I know who's reading my posts ....when I don't get a single response..  and some of my friends expect me to be on the tip of my fingers when they send a random message....

I'm kidding,I'm kidding...I've learnt that pressurising people will never work out...so take your own time...and I'll go on in my own pace.

Okay...sooo let's talk!

As you already know that my posting of blogs is very dependent on my mood,today I just want to talk... About random things going on in my life ...(feel free to butt in and tell me about your lives too)

1) Recently, I'm obsessed with poetry... like really really obsessed. I've always loved my language  classes and there's something beautiful about poetry..... it's words. I know. But sometimes, words have a special impact.
This craziness started suddenly when I was actually searching for this book 'Love Letters of Great Men' which (as many of you know)  comes in the movie 'Sex and the City'. I got to know that it's a fictitious book! (WTH! Mind boggled). So I was like, I'll make my own collections of poems about love. So that's what I doing. Hehehe

2) I'm not asking for your pity or sympathy. I'm not doing this so I'll get loads of texts telling me to "take care". I am taking care!
I don't know the source but I'm sick again. I was sick last week and then, I'm sick now. I seriously want to put my hands inside and massage my throat into getting well. (As gross as that sounds) Oi, you small tonsils!! Get better!

3) I miss home. I miss home so much. I'm here but still, I miss home. My friend is currently pursuing her medical degree in Chitradurga, and when I met her, she said that she hated looking at the windmills which line the city. It reminds her that she's away from home and she feels lonely looking at that.....
But for me, I love looking at the luscious green fields .....My train journey to Mysuru is beautiful. It's the later part that makes me dislike it.
The weather - I thought that Mysuru had a good weather...but no. It doesn't. No way. It's like a hot air oven. It is so hot! And let me tell you that I strongly dislike the heat. I've always loved the cold. (But I can't choose between fire and ice. Both are such good elements for a super power 😝). One minute outside in that weather gets me sweating like I've just come out of a swimming pool. This is the reason I feel like napping in the afternoon. And also the reason why I don't have time. *sings* I blame thee sunny weather...
BUT, here's the flipside. The night gets foggy too. It's like two extremes! My clothes don't get dry if I wash them in the evening. If I wash them in the morning, they'll be burning by afternoon.
So it's like - wear the wet clothes or the burning ones. *sighs a long sigh*
(I should probably name this post as 'my PG life' 😅)

4) As I was coming home, this thought occurred to me. I feel like I've been beaten black and blue. By what? I have no idea. Maybe god, or nature, or the curses of my friends, or maybe even the devil.
I bumped my head hard the other day..and now I can't comb my hairs, and even my neck hurts.
I've joined a yoga class and that fricking instructor wanted us to do everything, on the first day. We've joined another branch ,but anyway, I blame that bastard for my knee pains. I really have a black mark on my knee. And it hurts. *mommy* 😩 (I'll kill him someday).
I seriously have no idea HOW, but I've got cuts on my hands.... If I was a sugar patient, I would be limb less by no time 😂 *jinx jinx*
My toes hurt... I dont know what I bumped into (yes.. I bump my toes to things.. And completely forget about it and then later suffer with the pain... Bwahahahaha) 
And add to this my fever...  What a great combination. 
So yeah... Life has physically beaten me black and blue in the boxing ring and so here I am, recovering from it.. 
The next round will start in a few days and I should be ready again, right? 

(well another lesson I should learn is that I need to take care of myself!) 

And that's that. 
Please jump in and let me know what's going on in your life as well... 
And has some of these things happened to you before? Is it happening now? 
For me it's like life always send me the lessons until it's imprinted in my brain. So what about you? 
What has life been teaching you? 
Let me know.... 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.. 

Stay healthy, Stay Happieeeeee. 

Lots of love, 


It's been a month and 10 days! I am so sorry I kept you waiting... 😛

I seriously never thought that so many things could happen in a month. One month!  Just 30 days! 4 weeks!!
Come on!! What can happen in a month you say? Well, let me tell you...

The past month (or so) was.... I dont have a word for it (maybe I never will)  but I do have a whole lot of expressions. For example - "gahhhhhh"  or "bleghh" or "rawrrrr" or maybe all of them? Lol...
It was a frustrating month.

It still is. Kind of.

There are so many lessons I've learned and have my eyes opened in ways I cannot imagine. (lol again)

1.) Nobody, nobody, NOBODY can love you more than your parents. (there are exceptions, of course. Some people who adopt a child or guardians who look after kids like their own. These people are all included in my point.)
You should be grateful each and every day to have your mom waiting for you at home, cooking you hot meals and asking you how your day was (or out working hard for your sake AND doing all the work at home) ; and your dad who works so hard and comes home with treats and takes you everywhere...
You should be freaking grateful.

Because let me tell you. When you leave your home and go out, nobody will ever give a damn about you. It's true when they say "it's a dog-eat-dog world".

Yes, there are many friends you will make along the way who'll definitely be with you for life, but that's not what I'm talking about here.

(The minute I reached home, my mom made me hot dosas and asked me how I was doing and gave me all the little luxuries of home. Even a flick of my eyebrows had her asking "what's wrong?". I cried like crazy.)

Your parents know everything about you. Maybe they're harsh and screw you like crazy, but trust me, nobody will ever love you like your parents, nobody will ever know you like your parents.

2.) People don't mean what they say. They just talk crap for the sake of talking. I never knew that this was a thing to be concerned about. When it was confirmed that I would be going to Mysuru for MSc., all the people we knew who lived in Mysuru started saying 'come stay in our house'. It was like they didn't even know what they were talking about. Even this uncle, who's my dad's childhood friend, said 'come stay with us, it'll be fine'.

I mean, what the heck are you talking about? Do you even know what it means when you say that? I'll be staying for TWO years! Studying and going out for projects and I may come late or I may go out with my friends. You'll have to adjust according to my schedules too! You won't be free to do whatever commitments you have.
Okay, you may say that you'll adjust, but for how long? A week? or two weeks?
And then, you'll throw me out of the house saying 'you can't do it?'
Then what am I supposed to do? Go to somebody else's house? And again get thrown out after a week or two?
Should I be doing this or studying? HUH?!!

And this extends to all other topics. Only in dire stress or emergency do people mean what they say. Other times (meaning most of the time) -

People don't mean what they say.

3.) People are selfish. Freaking selfish. There's a clear and big fat difference between loving yourself and behaving like a donkey who thinks it's a unicorn.

Some people just, don't do anything and expect somebody to do it for them.

There are common courtesies and manners which are like 'common sense'  in my brain, but apparently common sense isn't so common these days. It is a rare species that has become extinct. (quoting my Bae Lilly Singh)
Oh my God! It boggles my mind to think that people still behave like sissies and talk crap about other people. I mean, we're 21!(how old are you? 30 or 40? Whatever the age) Grow up! Mentally!!
What are you? A 2004-mean-girls movie character?! Shut Up! And stop being a prat.

Stop being so selfish.

4.) Being a Leader is not my thing.
This is one lesson I've been taught time and again and I still think that I haven't learnt it yet.
And therefore, I've been taught again.
This time though, I won't forget it.

I am not an extrovert. Okay, I'm not a huge extrovert. I'm moody. As my friend once said, 'what are you? The weather of Bangalore?!', yup, I'm the weather of Bangalore 😂😂
I love meeting people and having fun and discussing topics and learning more about it.
But, I really really don't like it when people lie and put on faces. 'please keep your crap to yourself. Don't you think you can fool me.'
The only reason I always wanted to be a leader was so that I could meet new people and learn from them, and help my friends.
As it happens, my "friends" don't need such a leader. They want someone who'll whip their asses eventually.
I'll gladly give you what you want.

Being a leader is not my thing.

5.) But, against all of these, I've made such wonderful friends, that all of these sad, disturbing lessons take a back seat. They're so supportive and are the best people I've met so far. I'm truly grateful for them.

And also all my friends who are in Bengaluru. I miss you all so much.. Not a day goes by where I've not thought about what you're doing.
Just because I'm here doesn't mean I've forgotten everything. I've moved to another city. I don't have short term memory loss.
People who know me already know this fact that I'm bad at texting. I literally see the message but forget to reply.
(This even happened with my lecturer here. 😂 thank God I remembered and texted her back telling I've received the information.)
Oh shit, maybe I do have short term. *runs to the doctor* lol.
(and also I never never forget the people I've met. Dunno why I wanted to say that but there it is. 😂)

So there it is, my month in a glance? And my lessons 😛

I'm sorry again for not blogging. But I hope you'll understand since my month has been like that. 👆

I'll get back on track with my posts. So please do continue to give me your support.

Thank youuu.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happieeeeee.

Lots of Love,

P.S. : I've become a member of a blogging community called Niume. I was surprised and very grateful because I was contacted by them. For now, I'm posting my previous blog posts in the niume website, but I will post new ones in time.
Please do support me, in my new endeavor.

Music: My Soul


It's been two weeks. I know. I know. I was getting settled in Mysuru.
A lame excuse but I have still not worked on everything regarding the internet connection and all that headache.
So, I apologize for the late post.

I never knew how much I missed Bengaluru. My city. Guess it's true that sometimes, you realize your love only when you are far apart. I missed the traffic (can you believe it?!, I can't either), the people, the vibe, the energy of my wonderful city...

Okay, okay putting that aside, in this post I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me since forever. And in Mysuru, I attended a concert and I got the perfect topic to blog about.


Apart from my studies, this was the one thing I was good at. My parents sent me to learn music - Carnatic Classical music - from a small age. I was not allowed to go to sports or dance or any events because it would get in the way of my studies, but this, this I was pushed to it. Not that I hated it, I didn't think anything of it at the time. I was a kid and I just sang.

I was in fifth grade and it was decided that my brother and all the elder kids would attend the Junior Music Exam, and we (the younger ones) couldn't because of the age restriction. My friend and I cried and begged our teacher to let us attend the exam too. We were on the same level as them, we knew all that they knew too. We had learnt the varnas and keerthanas together. But, my music teacher and all our parents calmed us down...and told us that it was just like that. And they couldn't do anything about it.

When I think about it now, I realize how much I loved this music (and also competing; I still do love music, tch, come now)

So, yes, I finished my junior exams in sixth grade. And then my Senior exams after my tenth grade.

But, by the time of my senior exam, I was exhausted. There had been so much pressure to study as tenth grade was a very big turning point (here, in India, at least) in a student's life. I had just finished my final exams and wanted nothing more than a week of rest, to relax and to breathe.
But that didn't happen as I had to prep for my Senior Music Exam.

My Senior Exam went bad. So bad. I've never told anyone, nobody about what happened in that exam hall. I screwed up like crazy. And to this day, that is one memory I won't go through again. I decided that as soon as I came out of the exam hall. I was completely numb when I came out. I was sure that I would fail the exams.

But, I passed. I was so relieved. Of course, I scored the least among my friends.

Afterwards, the music stopped. It was a string of excuses. My teacher told us that it was time to concentrate on studies, to work hard in PU, and get into a good university. My mom told me that 'Senior' was more than enough in music, that it was a good level to stop at. She also wanted me to focus on studies. And so, it stopped.

I practiced at home, whenever I could. But, you all know how it is. When you don't have something to cling onto, a drive, an inspiration, it doesn't work. For months, I didn't practice....And I lost touch.

Now, I feel sad just thinking about it. I wish someone, anyone had given me a push. Had told me not let go, to continue to practice. It's not that they didn't. My relatives did tell me to continue music. But, it didn't feel like they meant it. That they were truly cheering for me. They said it just for the sake of it. (now, my cousin is here, to inspire me and tell me to pursue music, to learn whatever I can while I'm still a student. thanks, bro)

Anyway, that's my history with music.

But what I really want to talk about is, Classical and Western music.

Carnatic Classical and Western (both classical and pop) music.

As you already know (from previous blog posts), I listen to western music too. And yes there is definitely a 'Classical' western music and the famous hip-hop, pop music we all know. And I listen to both.

And I also love my Carnatic music too. It's like meditation. A form of release.

And I really, really hate it when people make faces at Carnatic Classical music. MY music, which I have learned and learned all my life.
Oh please don't think as to who would do it. All my friends around me hated classical music. They would tell me to shut up, whenever it came to music. 'Oh, it's a bore. All the dragging and the 'aaa's and the 'shaking the head' thing. I'll fall asleep'.
I remember.

There are many people out there, who don't like classical music. Who listen to all the movie songs and don't even understand that it is from the same classical music, these tunes are born. The ones they love. I'm aiming this at them.

Here's the truth. You don't understand the beauty of classical music. The joy of singing all those verses from your stomach and crying with relief. The energy you receive from it. The calmness you feel. It has such a long history and such reverence.
Please don't just brush something off when you don't even know anything about it.

Okay, fine, you don't like classical music, but you don't have to be so stupid about it. I'm not forcing you to love something you don't. I won't do that. Forcing my opinions on someone else is not at all my intention. I respect all your opinions. This is just my views and what I have experienced being a classical singer. Just because you don't love something, doesn't mean you should condemn it. And talk bad about it.
'Dude, I don't like classical music. I can't explain why. I find it boring. I'm sorry but that's the truth'. If someone truthfully worded it like this, I would hug them. For their honesty and not talking bad about it but respecting the music too.

And also, western music. I love it too. And I've also been looked down for that too. Since I am a classical singer, I am expected to always listen to classical songs and not fast beats and pop songs, and especially "other language" songs (you know I'm talking about K-pop and Japanese). I don't care. I know I love both. There's beauty in both.

And I can't choose between the two. Please don't ask me choose between the two. Even as a joke. Both are a part of my life. I've learned from both.
I am who I am because of both.

So that's that. My little post about my world of music.

Hope you enjoyed reading it...

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Lots of Love,


P.S.: I'm working on a logo for my blog....and was just wondering how do you create a logo? I know that it's just a picture, but is there a software for it? or do I just use the 'Paint' software?? Eh, no idea. If you do know, please let me know.....  :D

Moving Out?!!


It's been a while. How are you doing?? It's the start of a fresh week.....And you probably got your butt off your bed very reluctantly..... *hahahaha*
It was a hectic week so I couldn't publish a post. And I write a post depending on my mood. (just throwing it out there) That too, only if my mind is at peace and I'm calm and happy or excited about a topic.
But, none of those are what I'm feeling right now. So this is an exception I guess.

I finished my under-graduate course this year. I don't know since when, but the urge to get out and travel has been in my mind for a while. I very badly wanted to pursue my Masters outside my country.
But the problem arose when it came to the number of years of my education. I needed a 12+4 years to pursue Masters. The greater, actual problem was that I didn't plan and prepare. I definitely could have applied for Masters in Singapore or Australia or anywhere else where a 3 year graduate course is accepted, but no. I didn't plan. I just whiled away my time, completing records. I guess it is something I will regret forever; at least until I find a reason not to.

The other option was to do a one-year course or a one-year diploma of any sort, so that I could (saying it again) pursue my Masters. And once again, I searched and couldn't find a course which would add to my list of credentials, rather than be an extra. But, I guess I didn't search well enough or to put it bluntly "search in advance" enough to find a one-year course.

So, now I'm left with one thing. Waste a year, or do MSc here for two years.

And that's what I am doing. I am doing my MSc here, in Mysuru, for two years.

I got admitted last week.

I'll be moving to Mysuru.

I'll be stuck here for two years.

I have no idea where I'll be staying. Should decide that and move this week, since classes start next week.

Yup, so just wanted to talk about this. Thank god, at least because of this, the tears are falling out. I was actually excited about moving out. I thought I'll finally learn to do stuff on my own. I know it'll be hard but, I will realize the value of it and appreciate what I have, more.

That's what I thought, but I don't know what I am feeling. Whether it's because I am going to stay alone for, like, the first time ever, since I've been born, or because I won't be able to go out of the country; I can't pinpoint the cause.
I was completely stunned when I went to do the admissions. I was like, 'what the hell am I doing? Is this it? Is this what's gonna happen? Is this what I wanted?'. All along the way to Mysuru, I was thinking of returning back without doing the admissions. I seriously thought of climbing the train back without even stepping out of the railway station. The uneasiness that started since then has not gone away.

My head is filled with all these negative thoughts and emotions.

I feel like I have let down everybody. Especially my brother. I imagine him, with a disappointed face, telling me that it's all my fault I've ended up where I am. That he had told me a million times, to plan and to search and to keep everything ready. That I'm a fit for nothing.
I can hear him, screwing me.
And I know! I know it's my fault. He doesn't have to rub salt in my wounds. I know that already.

It's like this immense wave of emotions I would feel when I would wake up to go to college everyday. Feeling like wanting to run and run somewhere far away. A kind of procrastination. I would fight against it and of course had to go to college.

Maybe these emotions are because I'm moving out for the first time......


Well, it is several hours later and I went shopping with my mom and grandma, so I feel a bit better. Heh, I'll have to beat out the procrastination inside my head. No matter how much this voice screams it's wrong or puts me down, I'll fight it.

I will not give up on my dreams. I won't get knocked down just because my family may start looking at marriage proposals. Anything can happen in two years. I will not sacrifice my dreams just for the sake of marrying some stupid stranger who doesn't even know me. (well, now you know what scares me most *cries*)

Anyway........I will be taking my craziness to Mysuru.......

Mysuru! Get ready! *grins*


I apologize if this post puts a damper on your happy mood, but I hope it will make you reflect on your own actions.
Oh, also, I am wallowing in regret for now. I hope that will change in the future. At least that's what my friend tells me. That there was no other option for me but to do MSc. And that it will help me in the future. Thanks babe. For saying the right words.

So that's that.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Lots of Love,


P.S : This is my first time, saying something kind of personal like this. It was hard to put it in here, because I seriously have no clue as to who reads my post. So, this is sort of a first.
AND, since this is where I share my experiences, I might as well do that. Oops.

The People who make me, ME.

Okay, so I am not gonna start this post by typing some quote about friendship. Because there is no one quote which can totally sum up this wonderful relationship. It is love, it is laughter, and it is that lukewarm feeling too.

How are you today? On this fine, beautiful day?

Cheer up because this is an awesome topic which you should read with a smile on your face. *grins*

Sooo, last Sunday was ‘Friendship Day’ and I thought of writing about it…..But the thing is, I don’t know what to write…I’ve chosen a difficult topic….*sheesh* *smacks own head* . Well, I’ll try my best. (And that’s why this post was delayed. My apologies!)

Oh and Disclaimer, disclaimer: I am not mentioning the names of any of my friends out of respect for their privacy. But if anybody is interested in letting their name be known in this post, please let me know. I’ll add your names. I don’t mind. *lol*

As you may know, I grew up watching cartoons. So, my definition of friendship is kind of whacked or so, I think. Ever since I was small, I dreamed of having a group (a big group) of friends with whom I would have so much fun and go out and mainly, share our thoughts with each other. Yes, yes, go on and laugh your ass off. But that’s what I dreamed of. Sometimes, I still dream of that. *lol*

But, the problem was that our classes kept shuffling – once in 5th grade, then continuously from 8th till 10th grade. So, my “friends” got other friends and they just pushed me away. It was not until the later years that I got few people whom I could say were my good friends. No offence.
(Also, now that I look back on it, my thinking was dumb. I mean, I thought that a ‘group’ of friends had to know each other from a young age. But, now I realise the number of years doesn’t matter.)
I won’t go into detail about my school days. That itself will take a long post. And this is about my friends! *laughs*

When I hear the word ‘friend’, what comes to mind is all of this – my friends in the three stages of my life – school, pre-university and graduate university. *bwahahahaha*

My school life was memorable. I won’t deny it. And these two people are the ones who made it so. We met in 9th grade and man! We fought like crazy! Now it all seems so funny. But then, it was like the ground cracked beneath me. I was already an insecure person and arguing with my friends did not help. But, I guess we are strong even now, because of those arguments. We know each other because of those arguments. I have been requested to do a post on us - the ‘Terror Trio’ gang. So, I’ll tell you all the details then. *wink wink*

Oh, and I studied in the same school for 10 years (Duh!) so there are a long list of other friends apart from these two. A very long list.

Then, we had to move on to pre-university. Oh My God! I would never have survived these two years without this one friend! She was the reason I breezed through pre-uni. We were inseparable. And we had so much fun! My classmates were not very social. And these two years I didn’t even speak to any guys in the college. (Well, maybe one or two – face to face please. I don’t consider texting as talking.) *rofl*. The guys in our class kept to themselves and us girls too. Ours was the only class which was like this!! Can you believe it??!! *lol*

Also, my coaching classes. They were fun because of these group of people, one of them being my terror trio-mate. We had so much fun travelling! Ah, I miss those times.

Then, my graduate university. Wow, these three years were so so packed. I learned so much and got a real sense of the diverse type of people who exist in this world. And I learned so much more about myself. I got a friend who toned down my tom-boy attitude and made me more feminine. *rofl* I mean, we went shopping and I learnt the art of dressing. And I learnt that it’s okay to put on make-up. She pointed out my lack of self-confidence and told me to do what I want and not bother about others. She told me to voice out my feelings and not get scared about what others “may think”. There were others too! I don’t mean to be rude, but they all taught me to be myself. I love them all.

Then, there’s my best buddy from my music class. She is so amazing! We share our passion for music, and have come a long way.

And the best group of friends I am so proud of, my ‘Inspirits’. Some of you may know, that I listen to k-pop and the band ‘Infinite’ is like my life. The fandom of Infinite is called ‘Inspirit’. I met them online. We have each other’s phone numbers, photos, voice messages and we know about each other’s lives (even apart from our love towards infinite.) It’s like we’re pen pals. But, in the best way. We are honest with each other about everything and even if it’s just messaging, we try our best to send across our words of encouragement if one person is sad, and we celebrate each other’s success like it’s our own. This group makes me feel like, there are wonderful people out there in the world, who are all struggling, and have insecurities like me. (To be frank, they are the only reason I am still on WhatsApp. *rofl* I had uninstalled the app during my exam time once, and I realised how much I missed talking to these crazy people, after I came back on WhatsApp.)

I’ve met two of them in person and they are so amazing! We fangirled over infinite and talked about our love of k-pop, something we can’t do with other people so easily. *lol*

So, to sum it up, these are all my friends. And I love each and every one of them. I could not have asked for anything more. They are my pillars of strength and I, theirs. They already know this, but I will definitely be there whenever they need me. I am loyal to my friends. I respect my friends. The true ones. They are my inspiration.

Of course, there are many others who I have come across, who only label themselves as ‘friends’ and have used me, to their own benefit. I have been hurt too. So, please don’t think that, I have such great friendships. No, I’ve had crappy friends too. I’m choosing to not talk about them. But, I am grateful for the crappy ones too, because without them, I wouldn’t have realised the value of the good ones.

So here it is, a post about my friends….

Hope you all enjoyed reading it.

Thank you.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Lots of Love,


P.S. – just to let you know the extent of madness, today is one of our ‘inspirit’ friend’s birthday. It is like a festival to us all. We’re celebrating over there in the group. *lol*

AND, my dinner plate is missing. It is very important to me. Ever since I could eat on my own, I’ve had this plate. It’s mine. I never eat lunch/dinner in any other plate. Since forever. Nope, I don’t. And this plate’s gone. Since my grandpa’s death anniversary. I don’t know whom to blame. Gahhhhhhh. I am so frustrated. Oh, don’t go thinking “it’s just a dinner plate”. NO, NO. These are the little things which are a part of my life. It is such a beautiful plate. Gahhhhhhh…and I can’t find it anywhere. *grrrrrrr*

My Hero.


Its been a week! Longer than that I guess....hehehe... *grins*
How are you doing? What plans for the weekend?? The Last weekend of July, 2016.....

As for me, I am helping out at home for my Grandpa's death anniversary.
AND it's my best bestest person's birthday today!!!!!!! So I'm happiieeeee...

Who you ask?
MY brother. *grins wide*

Yup, you guessed right. Since, I've already told about my parents, I was waiting for today to talk about my bro.
MY BRO. (you have no idea how much proud I feel when I say that)

Sooo, let's do this.

My brother was born today many years ago. I won't tell the year. But, obviously you'll know if you go to his facebook profile *bwahahaha*.....I was born five years later.
I've seen pictures of my brother when he was small. And believe me when I say, he was soo cutee.. SO CUTE. (I guess this also resulted in everybody pinching his cheeks, which must have made him scream *hehehehe*)

When we were young, we fought like crazy. We didn't get along well at all. But, it didn't go to the extent of hitting each other (I think. I'm not sure.) But we would argue and I would scream and start crying and my mom would come and screw us both. Whose ever fault it was, we both would get screwed. (That's the universal philosophy with parents. So that we don't feel like they're favouring one child..*bwahahahaha*)

I was the youngest in the family and I was not allowed to play in any of their (my cousins') games. I'm told we hated being in the same room, but that's BS. We had our share of fun when we were home.

I remember us dancing to 'I'm a Barbie Girl', 'Mustafa, Mustafa, don't worry....' and
Kaho na Pyaar hai's 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena'....OMG... We would run to wherever there was space and dance for the chorus, and the famous step where he looks like he's trying to push the air... *rofl* I don't know how to explain! Go watch the video in YouTube...Awesome song... 'Eh mere dil to gaaaye ee aa' *sings* *totally out of tune* *lol*

I remember us coming back from school in our 'Mongoose' bicycle. (this famous company Mongoose which made great bicycles). Bro riding and me sitting at the back. The back seat was horrible. I would slide off under the front seat and it was uncomfortable...
And me going to his class, to ask for a pen *lol*.. Everybody knew that I was his sister. I was labelled "Akshob thangi" (thangi means sister, in Kannada).

I would sit near his bed to watch him write his notes. His class work, his hero ink pen, the noise of the nib against the paper, the smell of the ink.....I loved watching him write. His handwriting was so good. (Now, it has resorted to scribbling; The outcome of engineering students *sighs*)

And then, my brother introduced me to English music and TV shows... Taylor Swift's 'Love Story', then Rihanna's 'Unfaithful' and then Linkin Park....and 'How I met your mother', 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Two and a half men' 'Bones' and so many more...

And somewhere along the way, we stopped arguing.....(we still argue, but that's because I'm stupid and my brother doesn't answer my questions.) and started talking more. I would talk about all the drama in my class and my brother would say 'you don't know how to make friends' *lol*

Dinner time was like a story session. My brother would tell what happened in his class and I would tell what happened in mine. If it was a funny incident, we would all laugh; if it was serious, we would discuss it....if it was stupid, we would comment on it...

And then, after my grandparents arrived, it was awesome. We would have so much fun seeing them communicating with each other, which sounded like they were screaming at each other...*lol*

We would fight for the perfect spot on the sofa; if my bro was really happy, he would dance and I would laugh...
During his exam times, he would by-heart the theory and repeat it to me, telling me that certain subjects you have no choice, but to by-heart.
He would play songs of  Linkin Park and I would guess their names. (which was hard because the starting music is so similar!) ....

And then, he finished his engineering and started working.
My brother always knew what he wanted to do. He was set on pursuing his Masters, and he had planned everything.
I will never forget the two years when he was working. Everybody, hearing his plans would say that 'everybody tells that they plan on studying further, but after you start earning, you won't feel like doing it', 'once you get money in your hands, you won't feel the urge to study', blah blah blah...
I remember it so damn well. Every damn person who heard my brother's plans said that.

But my brother showed it to them. He proved that 'Actions speak louder than words'; He continued his work and studied for the entrances, finished them, applied to universities and he got into one too. He did everything by himself and he left for US.
He frickin' slapped their faces, hypothetically speaking.

Anyway, my bro has now finished his Masters, and has got a job. I really hope that he's happy. He should be. It was always his dream to study more and he finally has a master's degree!

I came to know how much he worked hard only after he left for US. I realised how much preparation was needed and how well he had planned everything...I was dumb struck, actually.

There are a million other memories and incidents which come to mind, when I'm doing something. And I just laugh remembering them....We had so much fun....
Its not like its the end of the world, but some things don't come back.... The feeling that we've grown up and can't go back to those times is a bit sad, but I'll just look forward....

My bro has always been my inspiration. I will always look up to him. I trust his decisions.(duh, cos he knows more than me).

So bro, Happiee Happiee Happiieeeee Birthday to you...
I'm sorry we (and your friends who're here) are not there with you right now, but we'll meet soon.
Mom and Dad are always thinking of you, even though they don't say much.
And you know me, I just send a ''Broooooo'' message when I want to talk to you.. *lol*

Love you bro.
Keep smiling and be positive. And be happy. And healthy.

And to all my readers out there, that was about my brother.
Hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe thought about your own sibling....Tell them you love them, you won't get many opportunities to do it...

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Loads of Love,

The Law of Nature

Charles Darwin discovered about Evolution in the 1800's. Evolution is change itself. If you take the time to observe everything around you, you can see the changes with your own eyes.

People change. Everyday. We learn something, every day. We subconsciously cultivate habits and little things from our surroundings (which is why it is said that your environment influences you or, show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are.)

Let me take my own example:

I am definitely not the person I was some...5 years back. I have definitely changed! And truthfully speaking, I am glad! I have learnt so much and experienced so many things that has brought me this far. I can compare my younger self to my current self and think ‘wow, who is that dingus? Was that how I was then? Thank god for evolution’ (lol) and maybe, in the future, I may compare my current self and think that the current me is a dingus too… But that will be because I would’ve learnt even more and my experiences would be magnified. And I would not want it any other way!

So, you see… my point is, everybody changes. You, me, the stupid person next door (who’ll suddenly not be stupid anymore) and everyone else. And what we should do is accept the fact, and embrace it and keep it in mind when we meet a person. The person you meet may be a complete stranger or your oldest, bestest friend. Whoever it is, they will have changed or they will change the next time you meet them. So please don’t just assume things about them. Change is good. We should celebrate it.

Please, sit down for a while, sit *lol* (it is okay to keep aside your work and records and everything else, for 20 minutes. They won’t go anywhere!) and make a list of all the things you’ve learnt, recently or how much you can remember. Or better yet, make a list of all your qualities. Good and bad. And think back on how you were before. How your thinking was before… I bet you, you will see a huge difference that will leave you totally dumbfounded.

But the down side to this is that, it will happen only if you’ve changed for the better and not for worst. If you HAVE changed for the worst, maybe you'll feel depressed or maybe not. (some people refuse to believe they've changed to the worse side..) And if you’ve not changed or you feel that you’ve gone down the path and become worse than before, you can always get back up, dust yourself and work hard to becoming better! It’s all in your thinking!
Being positive is up to you. Being negative is also up to you. And I know very clearly what the difference between being positive and being negative is like. And I'd rather be positive for the rest of my life and be happy, than be negative and whine all the time.

Okay, I hope this post made sense….

I’m just blabbering again huh…


P.S: Okay, that was just crazy! I had written this post long ago and I came across it now, and my mouth was just hanging down when I read the entire thing. Like 'who wrote this?!, Oh yeah, I did'. Dang! 
Anyway hellloooooo
How was your day?
Hope this post helped you in some way. (omg look at that rhyme *picks up a book and writes hypothetical poems* *lol*)

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Lots of Love,


The Day I Did Not Speak Up


It's been a while.
How are you today?? *grins*
I'm just whiling away lazing around... *hehehe*
Well, I need to get off my ass and start learning again!

Anyway, this particular incident happened last Friday that is the 8th of July...

Let me say - ''Let's go back five days....''

I have a bike. You can call it a scooter? I'm not sure with the technical term. Well, it is the 'Yamaha Ray Z'. (Truly grateful to my father and God, that I have a bike. So blessed!)
So, I had to give it to the Periodic Service. And I had gone to the service center which is below the Showroom itself. (Hebbal, if anyone wants the details)
I had to wait for my turn, since they have a token system. So, you take a token and wait for your number to be called.
So, I waited for like 45 minutes..  just humming 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams (I have no idea why I just remembered this song. I hadn't listened to it in so long...*goes and blasts on Happy~~*)

And there comes this couple who are basically the ''busiest'' people in the whole planet (please note the sarcasm) and the guy starts screaming his head off, at the employees who are checking each and every vehicle, and noting down the problems. WHICH TAKES TIME!

And I KNOW that there are two people who do the job of checking the bikes because, (duh) I've given my bike for periodic service 7 times already. It was 10.30 am already! I guess that's why there was only one person (BUT, later another employee came up and sped the process. He was the one who checked my bike, when the 'busy' couple were shouting)

And THIS UNCLE?! Who does he think he is? He came after me! If he wanted to save time, he should've been there by 8.30 itself. [I guess he didn't know that. They say to come at any time, but the previous day was a holiday (Eid) so he should've at least given it some thought that there would be more people.]
I apologize, but how can you show up late and demand that your vehicle be looked at first? What about people like us who are waiting patiently for their number to come?!!(again, token system)

AND?! They started talking to each other in another language. (I think Marathi, but not sure, cos I dunno, its a wild guess.. *lol*). And please, we are not donkeys. Just because we don't know a language does not mean we cannot understand that they are scolding the employees. #wth

Even if I calm down and look at it from a totally unbiased side, I still cannot say that the employees are at fault. If they really had an emergency, they should have been more polite and request them to look at their vehicle first. If they HAD done that, then I don't think anybody would'be been angry (at least not me!) My heart would've been a pile of goo if they had politely asked the employees and the rest of us who were also waiting....

BUT, showing no respect for the work these people are doing and just pushing your opinions on them is not RIGHT.
I am sure, they know more about time management than you do Sir. They service 30-40 bikes per day.
They note down the faults in every bike, ride it even AND they go according to the token number. (If they hadn't , don't worry, I would be the first to punch their ears)

They even went to the extent of comparing brands. ''Activa would've been better''
EXCUSE ME? If that's the case, please sell your vehicle on Olx and go buy that bike. The ''better'' bike with the 'on time' service.
Don't TALK SHIT about this brand.

Damn, I really really controlled myself from lashing out at them.
And when I thought about it later, I really should've spoken up. I should have at least raised my voice and spoken something in Kannada since, they would not understand it and would SHUT their mouths. AHA.
Anyway, it was such an awkward moment. I felt bad for the employees who were there. Even the other customers didn't know what to do. (It was clearly evident from their faces)

So, please respect all people for the work they are doing. It is so so important. Don't take out YOUR frustration and anger at THEM. You have to deal with your problems yourself. Please don't behave like a spoiled BRAT. And it won't help in anyway, if you shout at other people. Your day will go bad. That's all.
Everybody is different and they are where they are because that's their decision, not yours. All you can do is respect them for their differences and the job they are doing. It will make them happy and motivate them to do it better.

So all of that went through my mind when this incident happened. I learnt something from it. Also, I realised that I don't speak up. (I'll elaborate in another post).

Respect is one of my core values and I think it is a very important habit/manner.

Hope this helped you at least a little.
Hope it struck a nerve inside your brain which will make you think about it for a while. *hehehe*

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S: Please comment below and let me know, if you think that I should have spoken up. At least, told them to be patient?

My Daddy Strongest!

DISCLAIMER: This post is my little rant. Kind of a rant, but more of an expression of my feelings. I will stress upon the point that I am a big follower of Lilly Singh ( go Team Super!) and that I really admire her principles of One Love, and I also follow them. BUT, I need to get this out and make some people out there get their priorities right. ( again! not that I am qualified to do it, but I hope this will send a message to them) Oh, and please forgive my language. I normally don't use such language in my posts, or in my life.
I am sorry Lilly, but I hope you will understand why I am doing this.


It's been a while!
I've been enjoying my holidays.....Sort of. *hehehe*
So Father's day was around the corner! Unfortunately, I wasn't home to update my blog, so here I am!
*muhahahaha* *evil grin* Oh, I have been waiting for Father's Day to come around soo long!!
I have some scores to settle. Just Kidding! lol...                   *I'm not kidding*
I really wanted to post about my Father too since I posted about my mom!
Soo *rubs hands together* *flexes neck* *evil grin*

My dad was born on February 29th, 1960... Jk, he was born on February 25th, 1960.... Jk again!
Well he was born in 1960, I'll keep the date a secret because my Dad doesn't like people wishing him just because they found out his birth date and that too on his birthday. They should put in some effort and remember it.
Anyway, I don't know much about his childhood, but I guess he was very mischievous. He grew up in a village (our native, Tarikere ) and then moved to Bengaluru.

My father is kind, honest and straightforward.

He is very kind. People never notice it (obviously, because our society thrives on negativity). He is always first in lending a helping hand.
I observed this during a social function. My dad was running around serving lemonade (waddup beyonce #lemonade reference...Too much iisuperwomanii lol) to everyone. He didn't have to. He could've sat down just like everyone else. There were many others (*sigh* our family is humongous) who should've done it. (including me...*shows all teeth*) But that's my dad. I wonder if anybody else remembers it.

He is honest. If he doesn't like something, he says it out loud. But, people think he's rude. They don't pay attention to what he's telling and definitely never understand why he's telling it. They never understand that it is for their own good.

He is straightforward because he doesn't want misunderstandings. Ah, but he is still always misunderstood.

He is hilarious. He definitely has the funny bone.

He doesn't tolerate lying and tardiness. He is punctual.
He lives by the philosophy ''Work is Worship''.
He loves surprising people.
He loves animals, especially cattle because in my grandpa's household they used to raise them. And of course, animals love him too! [I think they understand his kindness better than most people]
He is a disciplinarian.
He always has a thirst for knowledge. He observes everything. You go with him to a temple, he'll observe the structure. You show him a trick, he'll observe and find out how you did it.
He is a mechanic and he loves his tools. And he fixes everything, from water taps to circuit boards.

And, he has a temper. Yeah, yeah, I know! It is so damn easy to just point at a person and say 'short-tempered' but what the hell do you know?!?!
A ''temper'' is not something genetic. It is a bad habit.
I was fortunate enough to have two great friends who made me realize that I can control my temper and that it is definitely not a personality trait.
But, I think my dad was never told that during his formative years. Maybe because he was a 'boy', everybody around, let him grow up throwing temper tantrums around, [And the same people now say.......gahhhhh forget it.]
He himself understands that getting angry is not good. But, at that moment, the bad habit kicks in, I guess. And he shouts out.

Of course, like everyone else, my dad also has his share of bad habits. But, since I love Lilly and Robin Sharma, I know that it is better to always focus on the positive aspects of a person.

And because my dad is like this, I grew up to be who I am now. And I think I've turned out all right. *grins* *thumbs up weirdo club*

Please listen up, all you scoundrels who point your fingers at my father and talk crap; I will break your fingers and cut your tongue (hypothetically, of course). In reality, I will slap you so hard that a permanent mark of my fingers will remain on your cheeks.(no need of a contour then). You have no right to criticize my father.
If you don't understand his intentions, then don't come near him.
Learn to respect your elders and don't be so filthy selfish. brat.

[ROFL...You don't mess with the GKs *evil laugh*]

*breathes out*
woohoooo, that was about my dad.
I wanted to write about him mainly to let you all know what I think of him, and my annoyance towards people who just label him as a short tempered person. (just thinking about it makes me lose my calm....gahhhhhhhhh)
Maybe if my dad read this, he might laugh and say that he is none of what I've said above. But I'm sure that the few people who do know him, will agree with me.
I love you Dad!
I will stand in front of you and lash out even if the whole world badmouths you. But, I know that all other people out there in the world will definitely understand you.....
Thank you so much for everything!
Thank you so much for always sending me to school trips even if you disagreed.
Thank you for buying me a barbie doll.
Thank you for giving me a ride to my coaching classes.
Thank you for buying me a bike.
Thank you for letting me pursue my B.Sc
Thank you for always showing me the right path.
Thank you for always being there.

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

Count Them


It's been two weeks!
I know!
My exams are over.....Woohooooooo.....Nooooo...
This is just the beginning of what's yet to come....

Anyway....I'm sorry for not posting an update.... I will get it together and plan it!

I've finished a phase in my life. I'm a graduate now. I have a bachelor's degree in my hand. (well, mentally at least.....my results aren't out yet!)
I should be planning for the next thing. I should be out there doing something already.
But, I'm just blank..... Kind of static, right now.....

So, I was watching this show in Zee Kannada called "Drama Juniors" the other day, and for those of you who watch it, you know it is one helluva show. The kids are so so talented! Aarghhh... Such wonderful acting and expressions.....

In the previous episode of this show, there was one act, where the kids showed the struggle of having a physically challenged kid. It was a wonderful, heart warming act. I don't remember the exact 'syndrome' which they touched upon but the fact is that they brought out the emotions completely.
And the show also called out the students in the audience who were all part of a community.

Just that, that scene got stuck inside. It reminded me of the movie ''Taare Zameen Par'' and the tears just started flowing.....The teacher or the head of that community told that one fellow joined them when he was a baby, and now he is grown up to be a fine man. She even talked about the girl who won in the Olympics race....

It got me thinking..... Here I am, worrying about useless things, when I have so much to be thankful for! I have two eyes, nose and ears and my sense organs work fine! I have two legs and I can walk. I have both hands and I can do anything I want! I have a roof above my head! I have my family!! I have been blessed with the luxury of three meals (more than three, duh, come on!) and a warm bed and pillow. I have brains which work fine! More than fine!!
I have a mobile phone! I have internet! I have a hard disk! I have a pendrive! I have books!!! I have book shelves!!  (I'm not bragging!! But if I think of it this way, then I really really want to slap myself!)
Because! I have so much I should be thankful for! I have everything I need to plan out my future and here I am procrastinating and just sitting simply!! And after seeing those kids on the show, I realized how much stupid I've become!!

I mean, come on! seeing them working so hard, even the participants and the physically challenged kids, shouldn't we all feel ashamed? They are kids!!! They should be out there playing and getting their clothes dirty by rolling around in the mud!
The other kids....They should have a degree in their hand, with jobs and a salary!

They are all working so hard, and here you and me are... worried about something so worthless, it is actually stupid. We get angry at the littlest things and always thrive in negativity and procrastinate thinking that something will happen if we stay the way we are.... But nothing will happen, unless we ourselves want to change it.
Let me ask you, at this stage of your life, what have you achieved that you are satisfied about? What have you done that has genuinely made you happy? really really happy! What have you done, so that even if by accident (god forbid) something happens to you, and you're in a hospital bed, you can smile and welcome death, saying ''I've done it, take me with you....I've done what I've wanted to do"???
Isn't it frustrating?
And to top it off, we forget to look at the positive side of things. AND it helps. Positivity is the thin fabric which can bind and form an unbreakable connection. This connection will fire the neurons in our brains which will drive our creativity.
We forget to count our blessings. We forget to be thankful for being alive!

"Yes, I am alive and I am fit enough to do what I want to do. I have nothing to worry about because everything will work out in the end. But, that doesn't mean I should stay still. I should work harder and harder so that I will be closer to the result."

Now, say that out loud so that you mean it. Say it loud until you do mean it.

So that's what I wanted to say!
Start your day by smiling and counting your blessings. All the things you HAVE rather than those you don't. And live.
Start counting and you will surprise yourself.

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S: I do not watch TV too much, especially these ridiculous soap operas, but I do love reality shows, specific ones. Yes, I am choosy. You can't sue me. :P

Your Future.


It's been two weeks...
Sorry for not posting.... I had my exams and I was definitely relaxing....*lol*

Well, since this is the exam season and the results are being declared for the 10th grade and PU students, I thought of writing about my experience and my choices....

From what I remember, the first dream I ever had (dream meaning an ambition) was to become an artist. I mean, painter. I loved painting. Then after a while, since I loved history, I wanted to become an archaeologist. Digging and finding historic stuff...sounds so cool. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to take Arts, in my PU. My mom laughed, telling 'Arts' is for failures, for people who are not intelligent enough to take science. I did not know then, that it was not my mom who thought that way but, it was what the society had filled up, in her brain.
My next dream was a teacher. Ah, how I loved teaching and making people understand.
That was the last, I guess....But later, in my PU I realized how much I had fallen in love with Biology, with Plant science and that was why I took up B.Sc.

I was a rank student in my school days. Though, now if I think back about it, I feel stupid because the portions were a joke. But, yes, for my age, I was intelligent.
Everybody expected me to get a great rank in my 10th grade. I could feel it, even in their conversation. ''Hey, you'll do fine! Don't worry! You're a rank student!! You're so intelligent, you'll do it...It's easy for you isn't it?''
Well, I did get a good rank and I got into a good college too....But I think, around this time, I started to lose interest. Maybe because my environment changed or because the portions were too hectic, I realized that, the thing I could do easily, I couldn't do anymore. I couldn't 'score marks' by just studying. It wasn't ''easy''.
But, I worked hard. I finished my PU and CET....
My parents wanted me to take up engineering, my brother told me to take up medical. I had already decided to pursue Bachelor of Science. I loved biology and I couldn't learn about it in engineering. And I knew that I couldn't do medical. I was not confident about it.
So, here I am, in my final year of B.Sc. I was stubborn and I didn't back down on my decision.

Now, I am at another point in my life where I have to decide and choose my next path.
I am at a standstill and my mind is completely blank. I'm still wavering....I'm still not confident in my own abilities....I realize that I am still too dependent on others. I don't have the courage to take a decision...Gahhhh.... I should stop. *stop the negativityyy*
Even now, my mom says, WHAT IF, WHAT IF...you had taken up engineering, you could've easily applied for masters...Even I think that way sometimes.....
As Robin Sharma says, stay away from negativity. It's actually hard when the whole society is negative.

What I want to say, is that, even though we are in the 21st century, our society is not. I am damn sure that all parents think that engineering or medical is the only way to survive in this world. I am not saying they are wrong. Of course, it is an awesome job. But, it's not the only thing that's out there!! Will you please imagine for a minute, how the world would be if everybody was only an engineer or a doctor?? Are you stupid? What would we do for food? what would we do for entertainment? what would we do for vaccines? (excuse me, but scientists invent vaccines not engineers)
There would be no shops or shopkeepers, no bakeries, no pastries, no chats..... I guess the whole business world wouldn't exist. All banks and finances and secretaries... Wow.
There would be no museums full of art, no sculptures, no beauty.
NO music! No swimmers, no Olympics or cricket or football....
How would you like that... *all football fans will die*

And it is hard to convince them. You can't.
So please, before you take up a decision, think, think a 100 times. PLAN.
Plan your whole life.
There are many other ways to live your life other than becoming an engineer or a doctor. And I assure you, the pay is also good.
I want to eradicate this low thinking that the society fills in our minds, telling only engineers or doctors are respected. An engineering degree has a different level than a BSc  degree. Bull shit.
(and damn you USA, for undermining a three year degree course! You think we did not work hard for these 3 years huh??!!! *grrrr*)
DON'T LISTEN. Don't listen to what everybody says. Even if it is your own parents. IF they tell you to do what you want, to pursue whatever you want, then hell yeah! Give them a big hug and kiss 'cause they are awesome parents! (I mean which parent will come and say, follow your dream, go do whatever you want. I'll be here for you, talk to me if you're lost...AND not scream their heads off)
But, I guess all parents are not like that. They tell you what the society has been telling them.
SO, don't listen. Take your time, find out what it is you want. What your dream is, what makes you truly happy. Then, go do that.
IF you truly love engineering, then take it up! Be it computers or civil or mechanical or whatever. IF you truly love to be a doctor and save lives (and hate sleeping and want to be awake for the rest of your life *lol*) then, take up medical....
IF you love accounts and finances and all that then take up B.Com. (I'm sorry, I don't know much about this field, but if you have passion then isn't it fine!)
IF you love Ayurveda, take up Ayurveda
IF you love history, take history.
IF you love swimming, go swim!
IF you love to sing, go sing!
IF you love playing piano, then play it!
IF you love science, then take up science.

BUT, the most important thing is that, you need to plan it out. Don't procrastinate and put everything to the last moment. AND you should also work hard. If you want to be a swimmer, go join a team, work hard, participate and gain experience and then, one day you will definitely be standing in an Olympic stadium. If you want to be a musician, then join a class, learn piano, or join an academy, participate and practice, practice and one day you will stand in front of thousands...giving a concert and feeling so content with yourself...


And lastly, if you're like me, who doesn't know what to do.....then slap yourself. Go find out out what it is that you want. (I know, it is hard). Ask yourself what it is that you want, what makes you truly happy and then do it.

Don't be afraid. It's time, my dear, to come out of the cocoon. To come out of the sheltered life. You need to learn to become independent and take your own decisions.
You need to broaden your perspective and learn. Learn more about yourself and more about this world...

I know some people are lost and feel like they have no one to properly guide them....They don't get what their teachers are trying to say and everybody else is throwing their own opinions at them...
For those people, if you have any clarifications, I am always here... I'm here...

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


Happy Mother's Day!

It is Mother's Day!
And two days for my final exams.... *hehehehe*
This is a break from studies..... So, how are you doing? How is life treating you? How are you coping? Bored of doing work? Then, get out and enjoy the nature..... Also, read my blogs. *lol*

In this post, I would like to talk about my mother. MY mother.

Everybody says their mothers are fantastic. That they are the best. There's a saying that goes, ''there may be a bad child, but there never is a bad mother'' or something along those lines.....
I don't know about others. But, I can confidently say that my mother is the best.
Of course, I'm the second child. So, I was pampered by her (and everybody else, which is why I'm a brat now,hahaha). Wow, but that doesn't mean they don't love my brother. Sometimes, I think my parents love him more. Well.....the problem of all siblings.. *lol* JK.

My mom was born on October 27, 1967. I don't know much about her childhood, but I've heard my grandparents say that she was very quiet and obedient. Which I can believe without a doubt. But, I think she was funny too. During those times, there was no cell phones and such. So (this is a story I've heard form my granny) once, my mom's friend had pulled her along to a movie. There were no buses as often as now, either and my mom was scared as hell. She refused, but still...(I think her friend was very bossy). Anyway, she came back late and was so scared of her parents screwing her. But my grandparents understood. My granny told me that they were so worried about her, that they went looking for her.....
And my mom herself has told me very little about her school days...I've heard her telling that she used to walk back with her big gang of friends, from the college to the bus stop (My mom studied in MES too...so...). She told that when I complained about walking from the college to the bus stop. *kekeke*
Oh, my Mom was beautiful. (unlike me and She still IS). She had flawless skin and I wonder if anybody was bold enough to tell her they liked her. *hahaha, okay I'll stop with the useless thoughts* I guess some things do remain a mystery. One day, I'll take the courage and ask her.

Anyway, flash forward to now.
From what I know, I can say that my mom has worked very hard. She has endured so many things till now. She has worked really hard. I salute her for her endurance. She also gets hurt, like me, when some people don't understand her. She tells me everything. All I can do is listen.

I can't bear watching her cry. I can tell when she's sad and angry. And I can even see her controlling her tears. So, I cry too. I can't help her in anyway. That frustrates me even more. All I can do is work hard and lead a good life, because that's what she wants.

I'm more scared of her than my dad. *lol* I understand my dad scolds me for my own good. My mom does that too. But, she's lethal. She uses her words in such a way that it's like an arrow to the heart. It hurts and hurts. She uses sarcasm and tells me whatever I had declared in the past, and asks whether what I am doing now is true to what I said.

And like all stupid children, I take out my anger on her. But, isn't she perfect? She bounces and comes back. Even though I might have shouted in anger, she always understands. She is the only person who has never, NEVER told me that I am short tempered.

I blast k-pop music all around the house and even then, she is the only person who has NEVER ever told me to stop doing this. Even my grandparents, my dad and my brother tell me to turn it off. But, not my mom. You don't know how happy I feel. I feel accepted. [After I came to know about k-pop, I really wanted my brother to understand. More than anybody else, I wanted his support. Even if he didn't listen to k-pop...........Eh, well.......I can't force him. But still....] ( Bro, if you're reading this, then :P  *merong*)

And my mom is funny. Nobody knows this. My relatives don't believe me, but I know. When my mom is relaxed and happy, she is funny. In the way she talks. You'll have to experience it to know. hehehe....
She loves sweets. Even if she has toothache. She loves her Dusshera Dolls. She is particular about Cleanliness. Yup, that's where I get the clean-freakiness from....She loves her plants.....

She taught me how to write, told me to have my own handwriting instead of copying others. She taught me how to talk to others. She teaches me everyday. She tells me when I do something wrong. She doesn't scold me, she tells me calmly with her reasoning. And that leaves me even more awestruck. And with experience, I can say, hands-down, whatever she tells is true.
I had forgotten to take the umbrella when she reminded me and I came home drenched. If she tells me something will happen, it will happen. *jinx jinx double jinx, triple jinx quadruple jinx*

And so, Maa.. Thank you for everything.
I love you more than anything.

And also, I know that many people out there do not have the fortune of having a mother. (They might have lost both parents or maybe their mother or father)
To them, there are no words, no gift, no gesture which will comfort them. No matter how much I/we tell them that they are loved, they don't have anything to worry about, the feeling is different from a 'mother'/a parent.
Because, nobody can replace a person. Because, we are all different in our essence itself. A person's true nature is so unique, that's why it is irreplaceable.
So, to those lonely souls, I want to give you a big, warm, bear hug. A tight hug. And say, you are doing awesomely well. I don't know where your parents are, but if they are with God, and they are watching you, I am damn sure that they will be so proud of you. They will be looking after you, like guardian angels. If you ever feel lonely, I am here. I am here. I am always here.

And to my mother, (even though she'll never read this...)
This is the song which I dedicate to you.
This song is my mother's caller tone.
Because the song perfectly tells whatever I want my mother to know.

(Thank you) I can’t express with words
(Thank you) I’m here because of you
You always embraced my young and immature self
(Love you) Words I couldn’t tell you
(I love you) I’m finally telling you now
Now I know your heart and how you always believed in me
And I know, Yes I know, you always look to me
And I know, Yes I know, even if the world turns away
Love you mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
I endlessly shed tears when I think about you
Love you Mother, I love you
Like no other, I thank you
Now I’ll be your strength and return that bright smile
And you know, You know,
You know, I love you, I thank you
(Thank you) Wherever you go, don’t be small
(Thank you) Because I’m standing right behind you
Even if your back is hurting or your eyes grow dim
(Love you) Words I’m so bad at saying
(I love you) Finally, I’m saying them
You’re the prettiest in the world, I’ll place you in my eyes
Look at me, don’t rush anymore
Lay down your heart, it’s alright now, slow down
Because of your endless love, your unchanging love
I am here today
Thank you Mother, I love you

Read more: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/super-junior-de-mother-lyrics-english-romanized.html#ixzz485KfccTW 

Ahhh, awesome song......*bawling my eyes out*
Thank you for reading.

Lots of Love.
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy..


P.S: JK means just kidding. :P
AND, Nam Woohyun's first solo album is out.....( He is Infinite's Lead Singer. So, that pretty much tells, about his awesome voice ) And you know me...*internally screaming*

The Love Circle.

[ Japanese; Mitsu means light ; Nao means honest  ; Akira means Intelligent]

It was just another day at school. Same old, same old. The building, the crowd, the gossip and the laughter.
'Hey, Nao! wait up!'
Nao turned back, smiling at the voice. 'Mitsu! Haha, I'm earlier than you. That's surprising!' she giggled.
'That's my line.' said Mitsu. 'So, did you complete the assignment?'
'Yes. Finally, the last one and we're free!' she said excitedly.
'Oh, so you're really excited about the upcoming school festival huh?'
'Aren't you?'
'Well, I'm not in charge of anything, so I'll just attend the festival. I'm thinking of calling Akira.'
'Oooo, you'll have a date then! Let's do our best' smiled Nao. It was their last year and this was going to be their last festival. Nao was really excited because she was selected as a volunteer for the festival. She couldn't wait to make new friends and awesome memories.
'Let's go. It's almost time for the bell.' said Nao, pulling along Mitsu.
With the amount of work to be done for the festival, everyone had to jump in and help the Committee members. Volunteers and non-volunteers alike. They were cleaning the classrooms and prepping the blackboard, along with others.
'What do you think?' asked Nao, at no one in particular, looking at her art on the blackboard.
'It's great. Wow, you draw very well.'
Nao turned around and saw a boy. He was smiling broadly.
'Mmm...Thanks...?' she said confusedly. Never seen him before, she thought.
'I'm Jack' he said. 'You're beautiful and you draw well!'
Um. What. Excuse me? Who are you? Shut your face..... were the thoughts going on in Nao's head.
'Jack!' called a girl. 'There you are!! I was looking everywhere for you, baby' she said as she came closer and pulled him away. Thank god she did. Nao didn't know what to reply for his senseless way of introducing himself.
The festival was in two days. It was chaotic everywhere. The teachers and students alike were excited as well as tensed. They had to make sure the main chief guests were tended to and that they enjoyed the festival. Nao was running around doing whatever was assigned to her. She would spot Jack, somewhere along the way, most of the time, talking to a girl. He would turn and smile, waving at her. She would do the same. Well, it didn't hurt to be kind.
And she knew that she couldn't judge a person just because of one conversation.
But, they were assigned to the same jobs often and so, she would meet him along the way and had to make some sort of conversation with him. He was good, she thought. Straight forward and funny.
And never alone. He was always with his gang of boys, who were also good people. Nao was happy that she was getting to make new friends.
Finally, the day of the school festival arrived. Nao was assigned to help at the food stalls. So she did her best, and had a great time. She laughed, ran around, tasted the food and cleaned as much as she could. The other volunteers helped her too.
'Hey, Nao!' called Mitsu.
'Ah! Hey! How's it going? How are you Akira? Do you like the festival?' asked Nao, looking at Mitsu's boyfriend.
'Yes. It's very good. You're doing a good job!' he smiled.
'Thank you.'
'You should've seen her the past week. She was literally a skeleton, with the amount of running around she did' laughed Mitsu.
'Hahahaha....True, but it's all worth it, if the festival comes out well' said Nao.
'Well, we'll go around and look at the other programs' said Mitsu.
'Have fun! I'll see you later!' Nao shouted.
'Who's this?'
'The one in this picture.'
'That's my best friend Mitsu' said Nao.
'Wow, she's a bomb!' said Jack. Really. Boys, Nao thought.
'I know she is.'
'She's beautiful.'
'I know.' How many times will you say the same thing?
'Does she have a boyfriend?'
'Yes, she does.'
'Really? Well.....it's fine' he grinned.
'Fine for what?' Nao asked.
'Nothing.' he replied.
Oh well, she had to make sure whether the food reached the guests so she left Jack, hanging with his ''nothing''.......
The festival ended with a great success. Everybody was happy with the results.
Nao was on Cloud nine. She had met lots of new people- juniors and her classmates from other subjects, and had had lots of fun with them.
She couldn't wait to tell about it to Mitsu.
She also was dying to hear how Mitsu's date went.

'It was very nice.' said Mitsu.
'ohhhh really?? What did you guys do?' asked Nao, a wide grin on her face.
'Stop thinking stupid things. We walked around and saw the programs and ate food and went back. That's it'
'Well, that's what I meant too' said Nao.
'Yeah yeah, I know' smiled Mitsu.
Nao was happy for her. Mitsu had worked hard for this.
Even after the school festival ended and classes resumed, the volunteers were still called to hand in their reports and to finish up some of the remaining tasks.
So, Nao kept meeting Jack, and every time they did meet, he would ask of Mitsu.
She wasn't that naive. She knew that he had a crush on Mitsu. But, she didn't mind it too much. She had already told about him to Mitsu and she was the least bit interested. She laughed thinking of Mitsu's reaction. 'Who? Tell him to mind his own business' she had said.
When it came to such things, Mitsu was really mature and responded level-headedly.
Nao was just happy with her new friends.....That was enough....
It was almost evening. The classes had ended and Nao and Mitsu were heading home, chatting animatedly.
Nao turned around to see Jack, leaning against the wall.
'Hey' she said. 'Ah, Jack, this is Mitsu. Mitsu, Jack'. That's what he had wanted she thought. He had been pestering her to introduce him to Mitsu. Well, the ball was in Mitsu's court now.
'Hello. I've heard a lot about you from Nao.' said Jack.
'I'm sure you have. Even I've heard a lot about you too' Mitsu said, with a plastic smile plastered to her face.
Nao was trying her best to control her laugh. That's Mitsu. She smashed it, without battling an eyelash.
They talked as they headed back home.
Later, after jack had left, Nao turned to Mitsu, awaiting her answers.
'Well, well, one look at that guy and you can know that he's a big flirt.'
Nao laughed. True, she thought. But......why hadn't she realized this??
The days passed by..... And Nao missed the festival. She had enjoyed it too much and whenever she met her friends in the corridors or the grounds, she would smile and run to them. And often, she noticed that her eyes would search for Jack. Weird. If she spotted him, she would smile broadly. Whether he looked back or not, she felt happy just looking at him.
What was this though? She didn't know anything about him. But, she wanted to. She wanted to be his friend. Hmm... ah, yes. There's the word. Affection.
She told this to Mitsu, and Mitsu was all hysterical.
'You like him!! you like him!'
'Huh???? Whaaat??? No way!' Nao laughed. 'I don't even know him! He's nowhere near my expectations of a boyfriend.'
'You say that, but you still like him though' Mitsu said. 'It's not a bad thing. Just enjoy the feeling.'
Nao couldn't win this argument. But, she knew she didn't like Jack. No way. Bleghh...
Now was not the time for such things. She had to concentrate on her future. And she knew her feelings toward him were not that way. Not even a least bit.
'Hey, can you give my number to your friend and ask her to text me?' asked Jack.
'Hmm...I don't know. I'll ask her' Nao said. In her mind, she was already half-dead from laughing. She knew what Mitsu's answer would be. Did Jack think that her personality was cute and sweet and doll-like? He was so wrong.
'Huhh?? Who the hell does he think he is? Why should I text him?? I don't even know him.' shouted Mitsu.
'Hey, so shall I give your number to him? He'll definitely text you though' Nao said.
'Yeah, that's better. That's what he should've asked in the first place. Let me see what he'll text. That bastard '
Nao laughed, thinking about it. See, she knew Jack was into her. She didn't feel bad. But, it was sad that he didn't talk to her as much.....

'So, did he text you yesterday?' asked Nao.
'Don't remind me. That bastard! He didn't let me do my homework. Texting on and on and on. Who does he think he is!' said Mitsu furiously.
'Hahahaha, does Akira know?' Nao felt bad for a moment. She didn't want to come in between them, or let anybody else.
'Don't worry about Akira. He's far more intelligent and understanding. He won't say anything. He'll agree with me. And he'll laugh at Jack's face' said Mitsu, proudly.
'I agree.' laughed Nao.
And the texts continued... Mitsu wouldn't respond to most of them and Nao couldn't help but laugh at Mitsu's outbursts.
'Hey, Nao' said Mitsu one day.
'I met Jack the other day.' said Mitsu.
'Yeah? What did he say?'
'Nothing, we just talked for a while. And in the flow of words, I conveyed it to him, that you like him.'
'What? What did you do? Huh..... Why?' asked Nao.
'Well, he just understood what I was trying to say......... and he said that he didn't see you that way.'
'Oh.....okay. Hahahaha...It was something we knew all along' Nao said.
She was stunned on the inside. Her brain just stopped working. She didn't know how to react. She didn't know what to do.

But, most of all, it hit her like a lightning bolt, that she was so, so naive to expect something like friendship, from Jack, of all people. She was so stupid to think that he also wanted to be her friend. She was annoyed and irritated at herself for having such expectations. Why didn't she realize it before? He was a shameless flirt. He didn't care about friendship. Not with her, at least. He had talked to her for so long just because she was Mitsu's friend.......The pieces of the puzzle finally fit.

Ah... it all came back to this, thought Nao, as she said her byes to Mitsu. Not all people you meet, think like you do. Not all people want to make friends and have fun and make lots of memories, thought Nao. Because, everybody thinks differently. Some people come into your life, just to teach you lessons. She guessed that that jackass was one of them. And, she was actually very grateful for Mitsu. If not for her, she wouldn't have been able to realize this.
That Jackass. Jackass. Jackass. Jackass. JACKASS.
Nao wiped her tears as she headed home.


(To my fellow Inspirits, sorry guys, I only took the name 'Jack' that Chiyaa suggested. I'm so sorry. But there is a reason why I selected 'Nao' and 'Mitsu' for the two characters. I'm sorry again.)

That was a short story I've been wanting to post... The title was in my mind for a long time... I thought of making it 'The Love Maze' but I don't know, 'circle' just kind of stuck on.

I hope you like the story. Please let me know what you think.
I had lots of fun, while typing it. I was imagining the kind of reactions given by Nao and Mitsu. *rofl*

Lots of Love,
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S. : I LOVE the name Akira...It sounds so nice..There are so many Japanese names which sound very peaceful.....


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