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Hard Hats.


How are you today?
How was your Sun Day? You probably were pulled along for some stupid function of some far relative whose name you don't even know, right? *laughs*
No. I seriously understand that. The plight of having a huge number of relatives which results in no-free-sundays.

Anyway, I've wanted to talk about this for a long long time and now that I'm here in Mysuru, I think it's time.
The traffic police here are super strict. Or they can't wait to stuff their pockets with money. (I think it is the latter) But they do seriously keep a check on two-wheeler riders wearing...a helmet.

Yup, yup. That's what I want to talk about.


A rider's headache and a pillion rider's frustration.

Here, in Karnataka (I think! Sorry for being poor in current affairs. On a completely different note, Pakistani soldiers have burnt schools in Kashmir. Stupids.) the traffic police have passed a law that even pillion riders should compulsorily wear a he…

Let's talk! (Post 1)

I'm backkk.....*cough* *cough* (with a fever)
YEAS to me.....
LOL.....As if!
The day you come out of your invisibility cloak and honestly tell me your feelings when you read my posts then, I'll reply to your texts on Whatsapp....
It's fair I think?
I mean, how will I know who's reading my posts ....when I don't get a single response..  and some of my friends expect me to be on the tip of my fingers when they send a random message....

I'm kidding,I'm kidding...I've learnt that pressurising people will never work take your own time...and I'll go on in my own pace.

Okay...sooo let's talk!

As you already know that my posting of blogs is very dependent on my mood,today I just want to talk... About random things going on in my life ...(feel free to butt in and tell me about your lives too)

1) Recently, I'm obsessed with poetry... like really really obsessed. I've always loved my language  classes and there…


It's been a month and 10 days! I am so sorry I kept you waiting... 😛I seriously never thought that so many things could happen in a month. One month!  Just 30 days! 4 weeks!!
Come on!! What can happen in a month you say? Well, let me tell you... The past month (or so) was.... I dont have a word for it (maybe I never will)  but I do have a whole lot of expressions. For example - "gahhhhhh"  or "bleghh" or "rawrrrr" or maybe all of them? Lol...
It was a frustrating month. It still is. Kind of. There are so many lessons I've learned and have my eyes opened in ways I cannot imagine. (lol again) 1.) Nobody, nobody, NOBODY can love you more than your parents. (there are exceptions, of course. Some people who adopt a child or guardians who look after kids like their own. These people are all included in my point.)
You should be grateful each and every day to have your mom waiting for you at home, cooking you hot meals and asking you how …

Music: My Soul


It's been two weeks. I know. I know. I was getting settled in Mysuru.
A lame excuse but I have still not worked on everything regarding the internet connection and all that headache.
So, I apologize for the late post.

I never knew how much I missed Bengaluru. My city. Guess it's true that sometimes, you realize your love only when you are far apart. I missed the traffic (can you believe it?!, I can't either), the people, the vibe, the energy of my wonderful city...

Okay, okay putting that aside, in this post I wanted to talk about something that has been bothering me since forever. And in Mysuru, I attended a concert and I got the perfect topic to blog about.


Apart from my studies, this was the one thing I was good at. My parents sent me to learn music - Carnatic Classical music - from a small age. I was not allowed to go to sports or dance or any events because it would get in the way of my studies, but this, this I was pushed to it. Not that I h…

Moving Out?!!


It's been a while. How are you doing?? It's the start of a fresh week.....And you probably got your butt off your bed very reluctantly..... *hahahaha*
It was a hectic week so I couldn't publish a post. And I write a post depending on my mood. (just throwing it out there) That too, only if my mind is at peace and I'm calm and happy or excited about a topic.
But, none of those are what I'm feeling right now. So this is an exception I guess.

I finished my under-graduate course this year. I don't know since when, but the urge to get out and travel has been in my mind for a while. I very badly wanted to pursue my Masters outside my country.
But the problem arose when it came to the number of years of my education. I needed a 12+4 years to pursue Masters. The greater, actual problem was that I didn't plan and prepare. I definitely could have applied for Masters in Singapore or Australia or anywhere else where a 3 year graduate course is accepted, b…

The People who make me, ME.

Okay, so I am not gonna start this post by typing some quote about friendship. Because there is no one quote which can totally sum up this wonderful relationship. It is love, it is laughter, and it is that lukewarm feeling too.

How are you today? On this fine, beautiful day?

Cheer up because this is an awesome topic which you should read with a smile on your face. *grins*

Sooo, last Sunday was ‘Friendship Day’ and I thought of writing about it…..But the thing is, I don’t know what to write…I’ve chosen a difficult topic….*sheesh* *smacks own head* . Well, I’ll try my best. (And that’s why this post was delayed. My apologies!)

Oh and Disclaimer, disclaimer: I am not mentioning the names of any of my friends out of respect for their privacy. But if anybody is interested in letting their name be known in this post, please let me know. I’ll add your names. I don’t mind. *lol*

As you may know, I grew up watching cartoons. So, my definition of friendship is kind of whacked or so, I th…

My Hero.


Its been a week! Longer than that I guess....hehehe... *grins*
How are you doing? What plans for the weekend?? The Last weekend of July, 2016.....

As for me, I am helping out at home for my Grandpa's death anniversary.
AND it's my best bestest person's birthday today!!!!!!! So I'm happiieeeee...

Who you ask?
MY brother. *grins wide*

Yup, you guessed right. Since, I've already told about my parents, I was waiting for today to talk about my bro.
MY BRO. (you have no idea how much proud I feel when I say that)

Sooo, let's do this.

My brother was born today many years ago. I won't tell the year. But, obviously you'll know if you go to his facebook profile *bwahahaha*.....I was born five years later.
I've seen pictures of my brother when he was small. And believe me when I say, he was soo cutee.. SO CUTE. (I guess this also resulted in everybody pinching his cheeks, which must have made him scream *hehehehe*)

When we were young, we fought …

The Law of Nature

Charles Darwin discovered about Evolution in the 1800's. Evolution is change itself. If you take the time to observe everything around you, you can see the changes with your own eyes.
People change. Everyday. We learn something, every day. We subconsciously cultivate habits and little things from our surroundings (which is why it is said that your environment influences you or, show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are.)
Let me take my own example:
I am definitely not the person I was some...5 years back. I have definitely changed! And truthfully speaking, I am glad! I have learnt so much and experienced so many things that has brought me this far. I can compare my younger self to my current self and think ‘wow, who is that dingus? Was that how I was then? Thank god for evolution’ (lol) and maybe, in the future, I may compare my current self and think that the current me is a dingus too… But that will be because I would’ve learnt even more and my experiences would be ma…

The Day I Did Not Speak Up


It's been a while.
How are you today?? *grins*
I'm just whiling away lazing around... *hehehe*
Well, I need to get off my ass and start learning again!

Anyway, this particular incident happened last Friday that is the 8th of July...

Let me say - ''Let's go back five days....''

I have a bike. You can call it a scooter? I'm not sure with the technical term. Well, it is the 'Yamaha Ray Z'. (Truly grateful to my father and God, that I have a bike. So blessed!)
So, I had to give it to the Periodic Service. And I had gone to the service center which is below the Showroom itself. (Hebbal, if anyone wants the details)
I had to wait for my turn, since they have a token system. So, you take a token and wait for your number to be called.
So, I waited for like 45 minutes..  just humming 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams (I have no idea why I just remembered this song. I hadn't listened to it in so long...*goes and blasts on Happy~~*)


My Daddy Strongest!

DISCLAIMER: This post is my little rant. Kind of a rant, but more of an expression of my feelings. I will stress upon the point that I am a big follower of Lilly Singh ( go Team Super!) and that I really admire her principles of One Love, and I also follow them. BUT, I need to get this out and make some people out there get their priorities right. ( again! not that I am qualified to do it, but I hope this will send a message to them) Oh, and please forgive my language. I normally don't use such language in my posts, or in my life.
I am sorry Lilly, but I hope you will understand why I am doing this.


It's been a while!
I've been enjoying my holidays.....Sort of. *hehehe*
So Father's day was around the corner! Unfortunately, I wasn't home to update my blog, so here I am!
*muhahahaha* *evil grin* Oh, I have been waiting for Father's Day to come around soo long!!
I have some scores to settle. Just Kidding! lol...                   *I'm not kid…

Count Them


It's been two weeks!
I know!
My exams are over.....Woohooooooo.....Nooooo...
This is just the beginning of what's yet to come....

Anyway....I'm sorry for not posting an update.... I will get it together and plan it!

I've finished a phase in my life. I'm a graduate now. I have a bachelor's degree in my hand. (well, mentally at results aren't out yet!)
I should be planning for the next thing. I should be out there doing something already.
But, I'm just blank..... Kind of static, right now.....

So, I was watching this show in Zee Kannada called "Drama Juniors" the other day, and for those of you who watch it, you know it is one helluva show. The kids are so so talented! Aarghhh... Such wonderful acting and expressions.....

In the previous episode of this show, there was one act, where the kids showed the struggle of having a physically challenged kid. It was a wonderful, heart warming act. I don't remember the ex…

Your Future.


It's been two weeks...
Sorry for not posting.... I had my exams and I was definitely relaxing....*lol*

Well, since this is the exam season and the results are being declared for the 10th grade and PU students, I thought of writing about my experience and my choices....

From what I remember, the first dream I ever had (dream meaning an ambition) was to become an artist. I mean, painter. I loved painting. Then after a while, since I loved history, I wanted to become an archaeologist. Digging and finding historic stuff...sounds so cool. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to take Arts, in my PU. My mom laughed, telling 'Arts' is for failures, for people who are not intelligent enough to take science. I did not know then, that it was not my mom who thought that way but, it was what the society had filled up, in her brain.
My next dream was a teacher. Ah, how I loved teaching and making people understand.
That was the last, I guess....But later, in my PU …

Happy Mother's Day!

It is Mother's Day!
And two days for my final exams.... *hehehehe*
This is a break from studies..... So, how are you doing? How is life treating you? How are you coping? Bored of doing work? Then, get out and enjoy the nature..... Also, read my blogs. *lol*

In this post, I would like to talk about my mother. MY mother.

Everybody says their mothers are fantastic. That they are the best. There's a saying that goes, ''there may be a bad child, but there never is a bad mother'' or something along those lines.....
I don't know about others. But, I can confidently say that my mother is the best.
Of course, I'm the second child. So, I was pampered by her (and everybody else, which is why I'm a brat now,hahaha). Wow, but that doesn't mean they don't love my brother. Sometimes, I think my parents love him more. Well.....the problem of all siblings.. *lol* JK.

My mom was born on October 27, 1967. I don't know much about her childhood,…

The Love Circle.

[ Japanese; Mitsu means light ; Nao means honest  ; Akira means Intelligent]

It was just another day at school. Same old, same old. The building, the crowd, the gossip and the laughter.
'Hey, Nao! wait up!'
Nao turned back, smiling at the voice. 'Mitsu! Haha, I'm earlier than you. That's surprising!' she giggled.
'That's my line.' said Mitsu. 'So, did you complete the assignment?'
'Yes. Finally, the last one and we're free!' she said excitedly.
'Oh, so you're really excited about the upcoming school festival huh?'
'Aren't you?'
'Well, I'm not in charge of anything, so I'll just attend the festival. I'm thinking of calling Akira.'
'Oooo, you'll have a date then! Let's do our best' smiled Nao. It was their last year and this was going to be their last festival. Nao was really excited because she was selected as a volunteer for the festival. She couldn't wait to make n…