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Your Future.


It's been two weeks...
Sorry for not posting.... I had my exams and I was definitely relaxing....*lol*

Well, since this is the exam season and the results are being declared for the 10th grade and PU students, I thought of writing about my experience and my choices....

From what I remember, the first dream I ever had (dream meaning an ambition) was to become an artist. I mean, painter. I loved painting. Then after a while, since I loved history, I wanted to become an archaeologist. Digging and finding historic stuff...sounds so cool. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to take Arts, in my PU. My mom laughed, telling 'Arts' is for failures, for people who are not intelligent enough to take science. I did not know then, that it was not my mom who thought that way but, it was what the society had filled up, in her brain.
My next dream was a teacher. Ah, how I loved teaching and making people understand.
That was the last, I guess....But later, in my PU …

Happy Mother's Day!

It is Mother's Day!
And two days for my final exams.... *hehehehe*
This is a break from studies..... So, how are you doing? How is life treating you? How are you coping? Bored of doing work? Then, get out and enjoy the nature..... Also, read my blogs. *lol*

In this post, I would like to talk about my mother. MY mother.

Everybody says their mothers are fantastic. That they are the best. There's a saying that goes, ''there may be a bad child, but there never is a bad mother'' or something along those lines.....
I don't know about others. But, I can confidently say that my mother is the best.
Of course, I'm the second child. So, I was pampered by her (and everybody else, which is why I'm a brat now,hahaha). Wow, but that doesn't mean they don't love my brother. Sometimes, I think my parents love him more. Well.....the problem of all siblings.. *lol* JK.

My mom was born on October 27, 1967. I don't know much about her childhood,…

The Love Circle.

[ Japanese; Mitsu means light ; Nao means honest  ; Akira means Intelligent]

It was just another day at school. Same old, same old. The building, the crowd, the gossip and the laughter.
'Hey, Nao! wait up!'
Nao turned back, smiling at the voice. 'Mitsu! Haha, I'm earlier than you. That's surprising!' she giggled.
'That's my line.' said Mitsu. 'So, did you complete the assignment?'
'Yes. Finally, the last one and we're free!' she said excitedly.
'Oh, so you're really excited about the upcoming school festival huh?'
'Aren't you?'
'Well, I'm not in charge of anything, so I'll just attend the festival. I'm thinking of calling Akira.'
'Oooo, you'll have a date then! Let's do our best' smiled Nao. It was their last year and this was going to be their last festival. Nao was really excited because she was selected as a volunteer for the festival. She couldn't wait to make n…