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My Daddy Strongest!

DISCLAIMER: This post is my little rant. Kind of a rant, but more of an expression of my feelings. I will stress upon the point that I am a big follower of Lilly Singh ( go Team Super!) and that I really admire her principles of One Love, and I also follow them. BUT, I need to get this out and make some people out there get their priorities right. ( again! not that I am qualified to do it, but I hope this will send a message to them) Oh, and please forgive my language. I normally don't use such language in my posts, or in my life.
I am sorry Lilly, but I hope you will understand why I am doing this.


It's been a while!
I've been enjoying my holidays.....Sort of. *hehehe*
So Father's day was around the corner! Unfortunately, I wasn't home to update my blog, so here I am!
*muhahahaha* *evil grin* Oh, I have been waiting for Father's Day to come around soo long!!
I have some scores to settle. Just Kidding! lol...                   *I'm not kid…

Count Them


It's been two weeks!
I know!
My exams are over.....Woohooooooo.....Nooooo...
This is just the beginning of what's yet to come....

Anyway....I'm sorry for not posting an update.... I will get it together and plan it!

I've finished a phase in my life. I'm a graduate now. I have a bachelor's degree in my hand. (well, mentally at results aren't out yet!)
I should be planning for the next thing. I should be out there doing something already.
But, I'm just blank..... Kind of static, right now.....

So, I was watching this show in Zee Kannada called "Drama Juniors" the other day, and for those of you who watch it, you know it is one helluva show. The kids are so so talented! Aarghhh... Such wonderful acting and expressions.....

In the previous episode of this show, there was one act, where the kids showed the struggle of having a physically challenged kid. It was a wonderful, heart warming act. I don't remember the ex…