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My Hero.


Its been a week! Longer than that I guess....hehehe... *grins*
How are you doing? What plans for the weekend?? The Last weekend of July, 2016.....

As for me, I am helping out at home for my Grandpa's death anniversary.
AND it's my best bestest person's birthday today!!!!!!! So I'm happiieeeee...

Who you ask?
MY brother. *grins wide*

Yup, you guessed right. Since, I've already told about my parents, I was waiting for today to talk about my bro.
MY BRO. (you have no idea how much proud I feel when I say that)

Sooo, let's do this.

My brother was born today many years ago. I won't tell the year. But, obviously you'll know if you go to his facebook profile *bwahahaha*.....I was born five years later.
I've seen pictures of my brother when he was small. And believe me when I say, he was soo cutee.. SO CUTE. (I guess this also resulted in everybody pinching his cheeks, which must have made him scream *hehehehe*)

When we were young, we fought …

The Law of Nature

Charles Darwin discovered about Evolution in the 1800's. Evolution is change itself. If you take the time to observe everything around you, you can see the changes with your own eyes.
People change. Everyday. We learn something, every day. We subconsciously cultivate habits and little things from our surroundings (which is why it is said that your environment influences you or, show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are.)
Let me take my own example:
I am definitely not the person I was some...5 years back. I have definitely changed! And truthfully speaking, I am glad! I have learnt so much and experienced so many things that has brought me this far. I can compare my younger self to my current self and think ‘wow, who is that dingus? Was that how I was then? Thank god for evolution’ (lol) and maybe, in the future, I may compare my current self and think that the current me is a dingus too… But that will be because I would’ve learnt even more and my experiences would be ma…

The Day I Did Not Speak Up


It's been a while.
How are you today?? *grins*
I'm just whiling away lazing around... *hehehe*
Well, I need to get off my ass and start learning again!

Anyway, this particular incident happened last Friday that is the 8th of July...

Let me say - ''Let's go back five days....''

I have a bike. You can call it a scooter? I'm not sure with the technical term. Well, it is the 'Yamaha Ray Z'. (Truly grateful to my father and God, that I have a bike. So blessed!)
So, I had to give it to the Periodic Service. And I had gone to the service center which is below the Showroom itself. (Hebbal, if anyone wants the details)
I had to wait for my turn, since they have a token system. So, you take a token and wait for your number to be called.
So, I waited for like 45 minutes..  just humming 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams (I have no idea why I just remembered this song. I hadn't listened to it in so long...*goes and blasts on Happy~~*)