My Hero.


Its been a week! Longer than that I guess....hehehe... *grins*
How are you doing? What plans for the weekend?? The Last weekend of July, 2016.....

As for me, I am helping out at home for my Grandpa's death anniversary.
AND it's my best bestest person's birthday today!!!!!!! So I'm happiieeeee...

Who you ask?
MY brother. *grins wide*

Yup, you guessed right. Since, I've already told about my parents, I was waiting for today to talk about my bro.
MY BRO. (you have no idea how much proud I feel when I say that)

Sooo, let's do this.

My brother was born today many years ago. I won't tell the year. But, obviously you'll know if you go to his facebook profile *bwahahaha*.....I was born five years later.
I've seen pictures of my brother when he was small. And believe me when I say, he was soo cutee.. SO CUTE. (I guess this also resulted in everybody pinching his cheeks, which must have made him scream *hehehehe*)

When we were young, we fought like crazy. We didn't get along well at all. But, it didn't go to the extent of hitting each other (I think. I'm not sure.) But we would argue and I would scream and start crying and my mom would come and screw us both. Whose ever fault it was, we both would get screwed. (That's the universal philosophy with parents. So that we don't feel like they're favouring one child..*bwahahahaha*)

I was the youngest in the family and I was not allowed to play in any of their (my cousins') games. I'm told we hated being in the same room, but that's BS. We had our share of fun when we were home.

I remember us dancing to 'I'm a Barbie Girl', 'Mustafa, Mustafa, don't worry....' and
Kaho na Pyaar hai's 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena'....OMG... We would run to wherever there was space and dance for the chorus, and the famous step where he looks like he's trying to push the air... *rofl* I don't know how to explain! Go watch the video in YouTube...Awesome song... 'Eh mere dil to gaaaye ee aa' *sings* *totally out of tune* *lol*

I remember us coming back from school in our 'Mongoose' bicycle. (this famous company Mongoose which made great bicycles). Bro riding and me sitting at the back. The back seat was horrible. I would slide off under the front seat and it was uncomfortable...
And me going to his class, to ask for a pen *lol*.. Everybody knew that I was his sister. I was labelled "Akshob thangi" (thangi means sister, in Kannada).

I would sit near his bed to watch him write his notes. His class work, his hero ink pen, the noise of the nib against the paper, the smell of the ink.....I loved watching him write. His handwriting was so good. (Now, it has resorted to scribbling; The outcome of engineering students *sighs*)

And then, my brother introduced me to English music and TV shows... Taylor Swift's 'Love Story', then Rihanna's 'Unfaithful' and then Linkin Park....and 'How I met your mother', 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Two and a half men' 'Bones' and so many more...

And somewhere along the way, we stopped arguing.....(we still argue, but that's because I'm stupid and my brother doesn't answer my questions.) and started talking more. I would talk about all the drama in my class and my brother would say 'you don't know how to make friends' *lol*

Dinner time was like a story session. My brother would tell what happened in his class and I would tell what happened in mine. If it was a funny incident, we would all laugh; if it was serious, we would discuss it....if it was stupid, we would comment on it...

And then, after my grandparents arrived, it was awesome. We would have so much fun seeing them communicating with each other, which sounded like they were screaming at each other...*lol*

We would fight for the perfect spot on the sofa; if my bro was really happy, he would dance and I would laugh...
During his exam times, he would by-heart the theory and repeat it to me, telling me that certain subjects you have no choice, but to by-heart.
He would play songs of  Linkin Park and I would guess their names. (which was hard because the starting music is so similar!) ....

And then, he finished his engineering and started working.
My brother always knew what he wanted to do. He was set on pursuing his Masters, and he had planned everything.
I will never forget the two years when he was working. Everybody, hearing his plans would say that 'everybody tells that they plan on studying further, but after you start earning, you won't feel like doing it', 'once you get money in your hands, you won't feel the urge to study', blah blah blah...
I remember it so damn well. Every damn person who heard my brother's plans said that.

But my brother showed it to them. He proved that 'Actions speak louder than words'; He continued his work and studied for the entrances, finished them, applied to universities and he got into one too. He did everything by himself and he left for US.
He frickin' slapped their faces, hypothetically speaking.

Anyway, my bro has now finished his Masters, and has got a job. I really hope that he's happy. He should be. It was always his dream to study more and he finally has a master's degree!

I came to know how much he worked hard only after he left for US. I realised how much preparation was needed and how well he had planned everything...I was dumb struck, actually.

There are a million other memories and incidents which come to mind, when I'm doing something. And I just laugh remembering them....We had so much fun....
Its not like its the end of the world, but some things don't come back.... The feeling that we've grown up and can't go back to those times is a bit sad, but I'll just look forward....

My bro has always been my inspiration. I will always look up to him. I trust his decisions.(duh, cos he knows more than me).

So bro, Happiee Happiee Happiieeeee Birthday to you...
I'm sorry we (and your friends who're here) are not there with you right now, but we'll meet soon.
Mom and Dad are always thinking of you, even though they don't say much.
And you know me, I just send a ''Broooooo'' message when I want to talk to you.. *lol*

Love you bro.
Keep smiling and be positive. And be happy. And healthy.

And to all my readers out there, that was about my brother.
Hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe thought about your own sibling....Tell them you love them, you won't get many opportunities to do it...

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Loads of Love,

The Law of Nature

Charles Darwin discovered about Evolution in the 1800's. Evolution is change itself. If you take the time to observe everything around you, you can see the changes with your own eyes.

People change. Everyday. We learn something, every day. We subconsciously cultivate habits and little things from our surroundings (which is why it is said that your environment influences you or, show me your friends and I’ll tell you what you are.)

Let me take my own example:

I am definitely not the person I was some...5 years back. I have definitely changed! And truthfully speaking, I am glad! I have learnt so much and experienced so many things that has brought me this far. I can compare my younger self to my current self and think ‘wow, who is that dingus? Was that how I was then? Thank god for evolution’ (lol) and maybe, in the future, I may compare my current self and think that the current me is a dingus too… But that will be because I would’ve learnt even more and my experiences would be magnified. And I would not want it any other way!

So, you see… my point is, everybody changes. You, me, the stupid person next door (who’ll suddenly not be stupid anymore) and everyone else. And what we should do is accept the fact, and embrace it and keep it in mind when we meet a person. The person you meet may be a complete stranger or your oldest, bestest friend. Whoever it is, they will have changed or they will change the next time you meet them. So please don’t just assume things about them. Change is good. We should celebrate it.

Please, sit down for a while, sit *lol* (it is okay to keep aside your work and records and everything else, for 20 minutes. They won’t go anywhere!) and make a list of all the things you’ve learnt, recently or how much you can remember. Or better yet, make a list of all your qualities. Good and bad. And think back on how you were before. How your thinking was before… I bet you, you will see a huge difference that will leave you totally dumbfounded.

But the down side to this is that, it will happen only if you’ve changed for the better and not for worst. If you HAVE changed for the worst, maybe you'll feel depressed or maybe not. (some people refuse to believe they've changed to the worse side..) And if you’ve not changed or you feel that you’ve gone down the path and become worse than before, you can always get back up, dust yourself and work hard to becoming better! It’s all in your thinking!
Being positive is up to you. Being negative is also up to you. And I know very clearly what the difference between being positive and being negative is like. And I'd rather be positive for the rest of my life and be happy, than be negative and whine all the time.

Okay, I hope this post made sense….

I’m just blabbering again huh…


P.S: Okay, that was just crazy! I had written this post long ago and I came across it now, and my mouth was just hanging down when I read the entire thing. Like 'who wrote this?!, Oh yeah, I did'. Dang! 
Anyway hellloooooo
How was your day?
Hope this post helped you in some way. (omg look at that rhyme *picks up a book and writes hypothetical poems* *lol*)

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.

Lots of Love,


The Day I Did Not Speak Up


It's been a while.
How are you today?? *grins*
I'm just whiling away lazing around... *hehehe*
Well, I need to get off my ass and start learning again!

Anyway, this particular incident happened last Friday that is the 8th of July...

Let me say - ''Let's go back five days....''

I have a bike. You can call it a scooter? I'm not sure with the technical term. Well, it is the 'Yamaha Ray Z'. (Truly grateful to my father and God, that I have a bike. So blessed!)
So, I had to give it to the Periodic Service. And I had gone to the service center which is below the Showroom itself. (Hebbal, if anyone wants the details)
I had to wait for my turn, since they have a token system. So, you take a token and wait for your number to be called.
So, I waited for like 45 minutes..  just humming 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams (I have no idea why I just remembered this song. I hadn't listened to it in so long...*goes and blasts on Happy~~*)

And there comes this couple who are basically the ''busiest'' people in the whole planet (please note the sarcasm) and the guy starts screaming his head off, at the employees who are checking each and every vehicle, and noting down the problems. WHICH TAKES TIME!

And I KNOW that there are two people who do the job of checking the bikes because, (duh) I've given my bike for periodic service 7 times already. It was 10.30 am already! I guess that's why there was only one person (BUT, later another employee came up and sped the process. He was the one who checked my bike, when the 'busy' couple were shouting)

And THIS UNCLE?! Who does he think he is? He came after me! If he wanted to save time, he should've been there by 8.30 itself. [I guess he didn't know that. They say to come at any time, but the previous day was a holiday (Eid) so he should've at least given it some thought that there would be more people.]
I apologize, but how can you show up late and demand that your vehicle be looked at first? What about people like us who are waiting patiently for their number to come?!!(again, token system)

AND?! They started talking to each other in another language. (I think Marathi, but not sure, cos I dunno, its a wild guess.. *lol*). And please, we are not donkeys. Just because we don't know a language does not mean we cannot understand that they are scolding the employees. #wth

Even if I calm down and look at it from a totally unbiased side, I still cannot say that the employees are at fault. If they really had an emergency, they should have been more polite and request them to look at their vehicle first. If they HAD done that, then I don't think anybody would'be been angry (at least not me!) My heart would've been a pile of goo if they had politely asked the employees and the rest of us who were also waiting....

BUT, showing no respect for the work these people are doing and just pushing your opinions on them is not RIGHT.
I am sure, they know more about time management than you do Sir. They service 30-40 bikes per day.
They note down the faults in every bike, ride it even AND they go according to the token number. (If they hadn't , don't worry, I would be the first to punch their ears)

They even went to the extent of comparing brands. ''Activa would've been better''
EXCUSE ME? If that's the case, please sell your vehicle on Olx and go buy that bike. The ''better'' bike with the 'on time' service.
Don't TALK SHIT about this brand.

Damn, I really really controlled myself from lashing out at them.
And when I thought about it later, I really should've spoken up. I should have at least raised my voice and spoken something in Kannada since, they would not understand it and would SHUT their mouths. AHA.
Anyway, it was such an awkward moment. I felt bad for the employees who were there. Even the other customers didn't know what to do. (It was clearly evident from their faces)

So, please respect all people for the work they are doing. It is so so important. Don't take out YOUR frustration and anger at THEM. You have to deal with your problems yourself. Please don't behave like a spoiled BRAT. And it won't help in anyway, if you shout at other people. Your day will go bad. That's all.
Everybody is different and they are where they are because that's their decision, not yours. All you can do is respect them for their differences and the job they are doing. It will make them happy and motivate them to do it better.

So all of that went through my mind when this incident happened. I learnt something from it. Also, I realised that I don't speak up. (I'll elaborate in another post).

Respect is one of my core values and I think it is a very important habit/manner.

Hope this helped you at least a little.
Hope it struck a nerve inside your brain which will make you think about it for a while. *hehehe*

Lots of Love,

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


P.S: Please comment below and let me know, if you think that I should have spoken up. At least, told them to be patient?


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