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Moving Out?!!


It's been a while. How are you doing?? It's the start of a fresh week.....And you probably got your butt off your bed very reluctantly..... *hahahaha*
It was a hectic week so I couldn't publish a post. And I write a post depending on my mood. (just throwing it out there) That too, only if my mind is at peace and I'm calm and happy or excited about a topic.
But, none of those are what I'm feeling right now. So this is an exception I guess.

I finished my under-graduate course this year. I don't know since when, but the urge to get out and travel has been in my mind for a while. I very badly wanted to pursue my Masters outside my country.
But the problem arose when it came to the number of years of my education. I needed a 12+4 years to pursue Masters. The greater, actual problem was that I didn't plan and prepare. I definitely could have applied for Masters in Singapore or Australia or anywhere else where a 3 year graduate course is accepted, b…

The People who make me, ME.

Okay, so I am not gonna start this post by typing some quote about friendship. Because there is no one quote which can totally sum up this wonderful relationship. It is love, it is laughter, and it is that lukewarm feeling too.

How are you today? On this fine, beautiful day?

Cheer up because this is an awesome topic which you should read with a smile on your face. *grins*

Sooo, last Sunday was ‘Friendship Day’ and I thought of writing about it…..But the thing is, I don’t know what to write…I’ve chosen a difficult topic….*sheesh* *smacks own head* . Well, I’ll try my best. (And that’s why this post was delayed. My apologies!)

Oh and Disclaimer, disclaimer: I am not mentioning the names of any of my friends out of respect for their privacy. But if anybody is interested in letting their name be known in this post, please let me know. I’ll add your names. I don’t mind. *lol*

As you may know, I grew up watching cartoons. So, my definition of friendship is kind of whacked or so, I th…