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Book Review: AVENGER.

Avenger - To inflict punishment or penalty in return for; to take vengeance on behalf of.
How are you today?? Good? Happy? Feeling positive? No?
Then, go drink some positivityyy.....Kidding, please read this post till the end.
Sooo, I am here today to give a book review! *self-applauds* Yes, yes thank you! If you know me, you surely must know that I love books. They are my Bae. My friends are always on stand-by whenever we are near a book store. They are ready to pull me away because I will not leave that spot and stop staring at the books. (Which is not wrong but I’ll be wasting their time too) It is my dream to have my own library.
Anyway, the book I am reviewing is called “Avenger” by Frederick Forsyth. It is not in any way related to the Avengers movie, so get that thought out of your head. It is infinite times better than that. (Also, I really really wanted this book to be the first one I review in my book-review list.)

*sigh* where do I even start? This is one of my favourite boo…